Norsemen Have Standouts On The Line

It was the final moments of the NEO A&M Junior College spring football game and on the sidelines three offensive linemen were sharing a moment. Actually they were catching their breath and slamming down some Power Aid. The Norsemen got caught a few linemen short this spring with only eight real offensive linemen, so the big guys wore red jerseys for the Blue-White Game and played on both teams.

"Man, we could sure use one of those TV timeouts they get in Division I," guard Conner Wood said.

"Yeah, like a Popeye's (Chicken) commercial because those are really long commercials," tackle Karson Green added.

Actually all commercials are either 15 seconds, with most either 30 seconds or a minute in length, but when you have played two-thirds of a spring football game you can be excused for making some things up.

What is not being made up is that those two offensive linemen and center Ty Watkins are pretty solid prospects that have drawn some solid Division I attention this spring.

"Speed, overall strength, pass sets for sure, overall mental toughness and physicality," answered Green when asked what he had improved on while at NEO A&M.

The 6-5, 295-pound Green played well as a true freshman and will start this season and should move on at semester. He is that good, and that goes for in the classroom as well.

"I'm a National Honor Society member, 3.5 GPA, so I'm a good student," Green added. "I want to be a physical therapist, I'm pre-physical therapy major. I want to live the dream and go Division I and get my degree and live a good life."

Green has a good sense of humor but it would appear that Watkins, who is pretty serious and always seems to have a serious look on his face, is also a good student and in the running for some solid Division I attention. A good center is hard to find and at 6-3, 295 pounds, he is plenty equipped to mix it up. Florida State apparently liked what they saw in Watkins when they came through this spring and there are others.

"It's all about opportunities and I'll take the best route," Green said probably speaking for all three of the Norsemen linemen.

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