Stillwater Regional Teams vs. the NCAA Field

I'm a fan of checking out how teams did against NCAA Tournament competition. It doesn't matter if it's basketball, women's basketball or baseball, I've always felt it was a potential indicator of how team's would do in the actual tournament by comparing how they did with teams making the tournament during the regular season. I did the research for this weekend's Stillwater Regional, so here goes.

#4 - St. John's: The Red Storm is out of the Big East and does not see a lot of high-caliber competition in the regular season. I know that Kyle Peterson, the lead college baseball analyst for ESPN, picked them as his sleeper team, but they will have to upgrade in Stillwater to survive or even to make the final two in the regional.

St. John's vs. NCAA Tournament Teams, 0-5
@ East Carolina lost 9-2
@ Oregon lost 4-3 (12 inn.), 7-2, 8-6
vs. Columbia lost 5-4

#3 - Oral Roberts: I thought the Golden Eagles would have played more NCAA Tournament teams, but they only had the six games listed below. Match ups are crucial and ORU's experience against tournament competition might be as good an example as you could find.

Oral Roberts vs. NCAA Tournament Teams, 2-4
vs. Dallas Baptist lost 16-0, 6-1, 9-8, and 4-2
vs. Oklahoma State won 4-2
@ Oklahoma State won 15-5

#2 - Arkansas: Playing in the tournament-rich SEC with seven conference members making it in the field of 64 in this year's NCAA Tournament you'd think Arkansas would easily have the most games against teams that made it in, but not quite the case. The SEC was actually their saving grace in this indicator.

Arkansas vs. NCAA Tournament Teams, 7-13
vs. Maryland at Mobile, Ala., lost 13-6
@ Vanderbilt lost 8-7, 9-1, 1-0
vs. LSU won 5-1, lost 16-3, 7-4
vs. Mississippi won 10-3, 5-2, lost 5-4
vs. Missouri State lost 2-0
@ Auburn won 10-7, 6-4, lost 3-2
@ Texas A&M lost 16-3, won 9-8, 8-2
vs. Florida in SEC Tournament won 7-6
vs. LSU in SEC Tournament lost 10-5
vs. Florida in SEC Tournament lost 10-0

#1 - Oklahoma State: The Cowboys played a tough and competitive schedule with plenty of road and neutral games. They played over 40 percent of their games against teams that made it into the NCAA Tournament and remember that this was a poor season for the Big 12 in terms of conference teams making it into the tournament.

OSU vs. NCAA Tournament Teams, 12-11
Breakdown: 6-3 at home, 6-6 on the road, 0-2 at neutral sites
@ Arizona State lost 4-3 (10 inn.), 5-3, won 9-8
vs. Oregon State in Surprise, Ariz. lost 5-3
vs. Missouri State won 7-2
@ Auburn lost 9-2
vs. Illinois lost 6-2, 4-2 (10 inn.), won 8-1
@ TCU won 7-6 (12 inn.), 7-2, lost 7-4
@ Oral Roberts lost 4-2
vs. Texas won 6-3 (18 inn.), 3-1, 8-3
vs. Oral Roberts lost 15-5
vs. Dallas Baptist won 10-7 (10 inn.)
@ Dallas Baptist won 11-2
@ Michigan won 12-2, 11-5, lost 6-2
vs. Texas in Big 12 Tournament lost 6-3

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