One-on-One With Brandon Weeden

Brandon Weeden is the all-time leading passer in Oklahoma State history with 767 completions in 1,103 attempts for 9,260 yards with 75 touchdowns and just 27 interceptions. Last season, he was the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Weeden is in Oxnard, Calif., where Wednesday the Cowboys open training camp. We caught up with Weeden on Monday right after he completed his conditioning test.

You sound a little out of breath?
Weeden: We just did our conditioning test and I knocked it out so I don't have to worry about running that for another year. It is sprints and you know that is not my forte, but we run twenty 50-yard sprints and each one has to be run in under seven seconds and we run 10 in a row and then get a little break and run the other 10. It's a good test.

This is an important time of year. What do you go into training camp thinking and what needs to be accomplished as you go into your fourth season in the NFL?
Weeden: I just try to shut off all the distractions. I won't talk to too many people and I won't shut off completely, but I'm trying to stay focused and it is a grind. It is that time of year where we have to do our part to get better and for me it is about continuing to do what I did in minicamp and in the OTAs. I've come a long way in my development and my familiarity and comfort with the offense. I just want to do whatever I have to in keeping the focus. It is early mornings and late nights and you know it is what every team is going through at this time. You have to know how to cut off all the distractions and stay focused.

I know you and Tony Romo had to be happy about Dez Bryant getting his contract done. I also know teammates usually stay out of that business.
Weeden: Unfortunately, the contract stuff is just the nasty part of this business. You know it is going to happen year in and year out. There will be a holdout and there will be players that want this much and the team isn't offering it. Most guys are lucky to get one or two big contracts in their career and some are lucky and get a few more. Dez is in a position where he feels he should be paid highly as one of the top receivers in the league and he was fortunate that he had an opportunity to capitalize and he was able to capitalize. I'm happy for him and he is a big part of this team. You never know when that last play is going to be and you have to take advantage of it when you can.

Do you like training camp? I know it can get old going through the same routine day after day away from home.
Weeden: You get a break from the weather and the set up out there is great. Last year my hotel room was 50 yards from the practice field. The cafeteria is 50 yards, the equipment room and meeting rooms are all right there. It is all real nice and, more importantly I would say the average attendance at camp is about 8-10,000 people a day. There are lot of Cowboys fans in California and all over the country that come out and watch training camp. When you have a set up like we have it is fun to come out to practice every day.

One of our listeners on Triple Play Sports Radio wants to know if you would ever consider getting into coaching?
Weeden: I would contemplate it if it were the right situation. I love the game and I could see myself in coaching. I love football and I love talking X's and O's. I would need to find the right opportunity. I like the college game, I think there are parts of that level. It is so different than the NFL. I remember all the calls and all the plays in that system when I played.

Okay, what do you think this season about your alma mater? How about the Oklahoma State Cowboys?
Weeden: I'm extremely excited and I watch every game that I can get in front of the TV for. When you can see glimpses of really good things last season and they have so many guys coming back from last season. I know the season wasn't totally what they wanted, but they finished strong and with momentum. I went to dinner with Coach (Glenn) Spencer a few months back and you know Coach Spencer in that he doesn't get real excited about much or doesn't show it but I could tell from his voice he is excited about what he has on defense and the offense too. Just looking at the schedule it favors us and I think we have a chance to be pretty good. I think the pieces are there and Mason (Rudolph) has a chance to be pretty good.

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