Fall Camp: Practice Report 1

STILLWATER - Oklahoma State was only on the field for about an hour and 20 minutes on Tuesday, and roughly 30 minutes of that was listening to Mike Gundy tell how he wants practices to go. He went over a typical schedule, how he wants to see effort and positive body language, and he shared some of his personal philosophy on little things that make a difference in winning football games.

"It was a good day today, obviously, when the players report," Gundy said of his team which had perfect attendance and perfect punctuality on the first day reporting to fall camp. "They’d been gone for about four or five days. The coaches are back from vacation, and everybody showed up.

"We had a teaching practice today. We toned it down a little bit and instructed our guys on what we expect in certain drills and the things that we do during practice. They’ll have meetings tonight, and we’ll get started with helmets tomorrow. We’re looking forward to it. The attitude is great. It’s an exciting time for all of us, and college football is back."

Now there were some things you had time to see. All the players looked the part and there were a few instances where it was easy to tell the walk-ons and the freshmen from the established returning players, but honestly, no many.

Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh threw the ball well. Rennie Childs still looks ripped. Among the running backs, newcomer Chris Carson is a good looking player with big biceps and muscular legs. One player showing a huge difference from spring is junior college offensive tackle Brandon Pertile.

"It's always impressive with what Rob Glass does with our strength and conditioning and we all know what a huge influence that he is with our program," Gundy said. "You look at the freshman and even though they have been here a few months, the food, the supplements, the training that they go through and you can see their body changes and then you have the veterans like Brandon Pertile, he looks considerably different than he did a few months ago."

One of the requirements that Tuesday's quick learning practice helped move along was the NCAA acclimatization schedule that requires teams work twice in helmets and shorts, two more days in helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts before the full pads can go on day five. In previous years OSU did not practice on report day. This time with school starting on Monday, Aug. 17, Gundy scheduled this practice.

"It’s new. You get 29 opportunities before the first game, and we’ve never used more than 26." Gundy explained. "With the way our practices are set up now, we’ve condensed them considerably over the last few years. So, we decided to use a practice to teach, and we did that today. I like how it went. We’ll talk as a staff in the morning and see what the coaches think. I was encouraged about the practice."

Wednesday morning will be much more of a normal practice and then shoulder pads will be added on Thursday. The Extreme Campers arrive on Friday. Full pads, Fan Appreciation Day, and Media Day are scheduled for Saturday. The first two-a-days practice is Monday.

Tomorrow here we will have quarterback Mason Rudolph tell you about his career development experiences this summer with Zac Robinson in Dallas and the Manning family in Louisiana.

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