Rudolph Ready To Show What He's Learned

On report day on Tuesday the Cowboys young quarterback of the present and future in Mason Rudolph was a popular target of the media. Rudolph stood there in front of the microphones, cameras, and reporters' recorders. He is just as humble as he was last season following his three-game run that included a Bedlam win and a bowl victory over Washington.

He looks bigger, but he looked bigger in the spring. Rudolph talked about the work put in this summer and how impressed he is with his offensive teammates, and how good the defense is that he works against in practice.

We also got him to talk about what he did away from Stillwater this summer. We know in May, while the team takes a month off between the end of the spring semester and summer school and summer workouts, that he went with his grandparents and others on a tour trip to Israel. While there, we know he ran into a couple of members of the Backstreet Boys.

As for football events, Rudolph went to Dallas twice on weekends to hook up with former Cowboys quarterback Zac Robinson. Robinson, a football junkie, used his time in the NFL at New England, Seattle, Detroit, and Cincinnati to learn as much quarterback technique as his brain would hold. He already had quite a bit stored away and he has worked with guru George Whitfield.

Now Robinson has opened the Texas Quarterback Academy and works with young quarterbacks all the way to collegians and even some aspiring pros. Rudolph soaked up some technique but also some advice on playing quarterback at Oklahoma State.

"That was good. Zac is a guy that I have looked up to, and before I even came here I watched him on TV," Rudolph said of meeting up with the former Oklahoma State and NFL quarterback. "It was good to meet him finally. He had worked with this guy out in California (George Whitfield) and was able to pick his brain about things that he went through when he was in my position.

"We talked about fun stuff in Stillwater and just the same process that we're all going through. He was real helpful."

Just before the players got a week-long break between the end of summer workouts and the start of fall camp, Rudolph had used a connection through assistant athletic director for speed, strength, and conditioning Rob Glass to go to the Manning Passing Academy.

"It was great, real fun, and we got to learn from the best in the business and had a lot of chalk talks with the Mannings and got to learn a lot and overall, a great experience," Rudolph said of his three days in Thibodeaux, La., at the Manning Passing Academy.

But is it kind of intimidating to be hanging and talking ball with Archie, Peyton, Cooper, and Eli? "It's cool when you are out there in person, throwing the football, and speaking the language and getting comfortable with them, and they are human just like you," added Rudolph.

Not a bad summer vacation and now it is time to show off what he learned.

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