Holder Talks Big 12's Future

The last month or more has featured much discussion on the future of the Big 12 and, in some cases the future of college football and athletics as a whole. With all the media gatherings at SEC Media Days, Big 12 Media Days and others everybody from fans to internet bloggers to newspaper writers and television reporters have hit on the topic. Mike Holder did on Tuesday night in Oklahoma City.

The future of the Big 12 has especially been a major topic around Oklahoma as University of Oklahoma President David Boren, who promised during the 2010-11 days of realignment that OU would never be reactive again but would be proactive, spoke out on how he feels the Big 12 needs to add schools and that the conference suffers a psychological disadvantage from being the Big 12 with 10 schools.

Speculation has the Big 12 adding teams such as BYU, Boise State, Cincinnati, or schools in Florida. There has been talk of raiding the ACC of some of its predominant football members. There has also been talk of the Big 12 losing schools, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma joining together to go to another conference.

Tuesday night at the Oklahoma City caravan stop of the POSSE, Oklahoma State Vice-President for Athletics and Athletics Director Mike Holder was asked by Larry Reece about that topic.

"I don't think anybody knows," Holder started. "I think the only thing inevitable is change especially in that arena. So far everything has been driven by the mighty dollar and that is not always the best thing to base the decision on.

"The Big 12 right now gets a lot of attention because we're smaller. It is kind of an odd (situation) in some ways with the Big 12 and 10 schools. There are a lot of advantages to having 10. You can play everyone and we play round-robin in football and basketball. You have so that everybody gets a fair shot. Some of those other conferences that have 14 members and you don't see a school on the others side for 10 years, a decade, that is a little weird.

"I think where we are at is great revenue-wise," Holder continued. "I think patience is the watch word right now, just be patient. Last year we were shut out of the College Football Playoff and that caused a lot of the wrong kind of attention and this year all we need to do is put somebody in the playoff and then it's on another conference that didn't get in and they'll have to explain that away.

"I don't see anything happening in the near term. That (television) grant of rights holds us together and we need to look at what makes us good and not what is insecure or gives us an inferiority complex. I feel good about where we at and I think where we are at gives Oklahoma State a chance to be good in every sport that we have. That is all I really care about."

Holder was greeted with a loud applause from the crowd at the Oklahoma City campus of Oklahoma State.

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