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Cowboys Offensive Depth Chart

Oklahoma State offensive depth chart is filled with playmakers.

STILLWATER – Oklahoma State went through about an hour and 40 minute practice on Tuesday in helmets, shoulder pads, and shorts. It was kind of easy to see who is likely on the travel squad as those players were wearing a different color game helmet. Those other helmets have to be used in practice and players need to get used to them. I think you will see the Cowboys use four different helmet colors during the season. Of course, you never know when Matt "Chief" Davis and Justin Williams will come up with a surprise. 

The practice was brisk and included two team periods of good on good, one early and one late, and then plenty of work against the scout teams with the offense inside the Sherman Smith Training Center and the defense on the outdoor east turf field. The great thing is this team has stayed healthy during camp and the subsequent preseason practices.

Tomorrow is likely a heavy practice before the team goes through their annual closed game dress rehearsal practice on Thursday. 

Today's practice really saw the two units start going through a lot of game plan material. It was also a very fast paced practice which certainly allowed it to be shortened. 

Okay, the tabs in the newspapers for the college football season started coming out last weekend and we are getting asked more and more about depth chart and, in particular, the back-ups. I decided it is my turn to post my depth chart with comments. We'll start with offense tonight. 

2 Mason Rudolph, 6-4, 230, So.-Unquestioned starter that has had good camp.
4 J.W. Walsh, 6-2, 215, Sr.-He will have a variety of roles at quarterback.
14 Taylor Cornelius, 6-6, 200, RS-Fr.-Third team and solid with  good arm.

Running Back
32 Chris Carson, 6-2, 205, Jr.-Has come in and done what was expected.
23 Rennie Childs, 5-10, 205, Jr.-I'm partial to him as he has worked hard.
20 Jeff Carr, 5-7, 170, Fr.-He could be special but give him time to develop.
30 Raymond Taylor, 5-8, 197, Jr.-Very reliable in that role and a blue collar guy.

Cowboy Backs
44 Jeremy Seaton, 6-2, 250, Sr.-The leader of the Cowboys backs, really good.
47 Blake Jarwin, 6-5, 242, Jr.-Kind of  mini-me that has followed Seaton.
86 Zac Veatch, 6-4, 255, Jr.-Brings a lot to the role as he is athletic and strong.
85 Jordan Frazier, 6-5, 260, RS-Fr.-Getting better each and every day.
41 Britton Abbott, 6-3, 240, RS-Fr.-Another player that will own special teams.

Wide Receivers
7 Brandon Sheperd, 6-1, 195, Sr.-Has had a good camp and clicks with #2.
28 James Washington, 6-0, 200, So.-He has picked up where he left off.
81 Jhajuan Seales, 6-2, 200, Jr.-Looking for redemption this season.
15 Chris Lacy, 6-3, 195, So.-Sometimes in the shadow of Washington, he's good.
3 Marcell Ateman, 6-4, 210, Jr.-He looks the part and now it's time to show it.
8 C.J. Curry, 6-2, 200, Jr.-Good blocker needs to be more consistent catching.

13 David Glidden, 5-8, 185, Sr.-Senior that is as reliable as they come.
17 Austin Hays, 6-2, 190, Jr.-Another reliable receiver that has had good camp.
84 Jalen McClesky, 5-10, 165, Fr.-Big play freshman that could not be ignored.
80 Kameron Doolittle, 5-8, 200, Sr.-He has worked his way up and can play.

Offensive Line
73 Victor Salako, LT, 6-6, 330, Jr.-Transfer that will make the OL so much better.
60 Zach Crabtree, RT, 6-7, 310, So.-Has really developed and is much better.
78 Matt Mucha, 6-6, 290, RS-Fr.-I think he is possibly the third tackle.

74 Michael Wilson, LG, 6-6, 305, Jr.-Plays guard could move to tackle if needed.
57 Paul Lewis, RG, 6-3, 295, Jr.-Starts at guard but could play center if needed.
64 Jesse Robinson, 6-6, 310, So.-I think he is the third guard.
66 Lemaefe Galea'i, 6-5, 325, RS-Fr.-I think he is the fourth guard.

71 Brad Lundblade, 6-3, 300, So.-Starting center and really amazing how hard he works.
76 Colby Hegwood, 6-5, 315, Sr.-Moved to center but needs to be more consistent.
72 Johnny Wilson, 6-3, 297, Fr.-Could wind up helping if needed, he's talented.

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