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Offensive Breakdown Of Opening Win

Breaking down Oklahoma State's offensive performance in the 24-13 victory over Central Michigan to open the season.

I am here to give my opinion and here to serve. This post was part of a response to my story of the good, bad, and all can improve story from the day after the game. For all the critics and those choosing to debate the critics I will hope this helps as it is factual information and not just made up emotions based on the result of the game or the opinions of those involved. 

Here is a complete breakdown of the offensive play-calling for the opener, based not on game tape (which would be much more accurate) but based off notes and the play-by-play book given to all media and available to all fans on the internet. I'm using tools available to all of you. The official box score will show Oklahoma State ran 67 plays, but my total is 68. While I did not count the plays run and whistled dead on the illegal procedure or illegal motion penalties, I did use the "now" screen called on the holding penalty on Zac Veatch. It was a viable play call for the sample. 

First Downs (all) 
Run/Pass Ratio: 19 (63%)/11 (37%)
Inside Runs: 15 Outside Runs: 2 Option Run: 1 Jet Flip (counted as a pass on stats but as a run play by me): 1 QB Scramble (On the ratio I count as passes): 2 Screens: 3 Short Pass: 1 Intermediate Pass: 5

Second Downs  
Run/Pass Ratio: 8 (33%)/16 (67%) 
Medium (4-7 yards) Inside Runs: 4 Screens: 3 Short Pass: 2 Intermediate Pass: 2 Long (8 and longer) Inside Runs: 3 Outside Runs: 1 Screens: 1 Short Pass: 2 Intermediate Pass: 5 Long Pass: 1

Third Downs  
Run/Pass Ratio: 4 (29%)/10 (71%)
Short (0-3 yards) Inside Run: 2 Intermediate Pass: 1
Medium Inside Runs: 2 Screens: 2 Short Pass:1 
Long  QB Scramble: 1 Intermediate Pass: 4 Long Pass: 1

It's important to note that 15 inside run plays were called on first downs and 11 were called on other downs. The average yards per attempt on the 15 first down inside runs calls was 3.8 yards. That isn't fantastic but it is nearly 4 yards a pop and that is acceptable. I think with better blocking and Chris Carson, who got most of those carries but not most of the yards, getting experience and improving that the numbers could get better. I do think that Mike Yurcich and with prompting from the head coach wanted to  see Carson and what he had. 

The rest of the numbers, 4.4 yards per rushing attempt, 8.3 yards per passing attempt, and 6.3 yards per play run on offense are acceptable and will surely improve in most games. I really have no problem with the ratios. I know from observation that the game plan was to try to take advantage of a predicted speed advantage, which explains the play calling through the first half. The second half after adjustments and discussion among the staff at halftime shows adjustments were made although we did not break down our numbers by quarters or halves. 

In my opinion, and you are more than willing to argue with me and I'm sure some will, the play calling was not a problem on Thursday. The bigger issues with the offense had to do with physical problems such as interior blocking, running and decisions by the ball carriers, and drops by receivers.

I had Rudolph with two poor throws and two questionable decisions on throws with  22-of-32 night throwing for 266 yards with one touchdown and no interceptions. I think that was the first game and a few more chances will be taken in the future this season. However, I'll take that performance from the quarterback in the first game, especially with a 21-yard scramble for a touchdown added. 

I hope you will find this breakdown useful.

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