Pat Kinnison

OSU-Central Michigan Review Continues

Taking another look at Oklahoma State's season-opening win over Central Michigan.

I just finished watching the tape again and some of what I saw on the plane ride home was true but with no sound and total focus along with not being tired I was able to absorb so much more. 

First, my one apology has to go to right guard Paul Lewis, who other than the two false start penalties, and they were unfortunate, played pretty well and not nearly as bad as some posters have suggested. Now, he can improve, as can the entire offensive line but pass protection was solid and the run blocking was better than I thought. There was too much penetration and stalemating at the line of scrimmage that limits run production, but it was better than I originally thought. His first illegal procedure on a quick pass was really unfortunate because it might have gone for a score. It was set up well.

In the category of griping about run calls on first downs in which there were 15 on 30 first-down plays, you have to remember one was a team run as Oklahoma State killed the clock on the last play of the half. Just a note for those being very specific. 

Mason Rudolph, while playing reasonably well, had more overthrows than I originally remembered. He will get better and that is still understandable in only his fourth start. 

As for play-calling, I have no problems with it at all. In reviewing again I, will argue the play-calling even more emphatically. A lot of the big plays Oklahoma State had, such as the deep pass to help start the first touchdown drive, was a first down play action pass with the same formation and action from two run plays earlier in the first quarter and the safety bit hard and corner leaned to help set the play up.

So many of the "Now" and Bubble screens were called against the right look and came down to one-on-one plays which is what you hope for and give CMU credit. They had one corner Josh Cox (#14) that was a fantastic one-on-one tackler. It was Cox's first game. David Glidden runs the screen better and James Washington is good. That play has to be a staple because it keeps corners honest and can set up vertical opportunities and did during the game. 

I hate the jet flip didn't work but Rennie Childs missed a block that would have got Jalen McCleskey on the perimeter with one man to beat. 

The first down runs so often were solid starts to drives with gains of six and six to start two first-half drives. I can see why you would go back to it. 

The sacks were coverage sacks and then you had the weird fumble by Rudolph that Zach Crabtree recovered. Execution with perimeter blocks and overthrows and drops in the passing game could have made the scoreboard and the game have a much brighter tone for Oklahoma State. 

You can continue to fire off criticism on a lot of fronts but this is really a case of cleaning up execution because the video shows had that been a little better and give credit to CMU and especially cornerback Josh Cox, safety Kavon Frazier, and linebackers Mailik Fountain and Louis Palmer for making plays. They were pretty good and in most cases made one-on-one tackles that curtailed big play opportunities. 

As a play caller you hope to put the ball in the hands of one players that is all alone. Realisitcally, if you get it in the hands of a player in a one-on-one situation then you've done your job. Oklahoma State had that substantially last Thursday night.

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