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Oklahoma State's game objectives include scoring more than 42 points and forcing three turnovers

Oklahoma State's game objectives include scoring more than 42 points and forcing three turnovers.

I'm adding a new game week staple with Game Objectives. This will allow me to post what I think are reasonable objectives for that week's game based on my thoughts and then you have a chance to respond, adding your own or calling some of mine out as unreasonable and then on Sunday we get to see how the Cowboys matched up with what we thought.

You will notice that the objectives always start with Win! That is always the main objective. 

Objectives and Explanations for the Central Arkansas game

1. Win – This is a game with an FCS opponent from the Southland Conference and it is a must win to accomplish the goal set out for the season.

2. Score First and Build a Double-Digit Lead by the end of the First Quarter – A reasonable request that will need to be accomplished with work from all three phases. The defense realizes that UCA is a very high up-tempo team and through turnovers and/or stops the defense can create a lot of extra possessions for the offense based on UCA going fast on offense and the added time available as a result. The offense needs to take advantage of the possessions and execute well. In games like this, and especially at home, the favored team can really make their job much easier with an early scoring burst. Special teams need to be sound because a big play for the underdogs can give them momentum. 

3. The offense needs to shoot for the following:
42 points or more
500 yards of total offense or more
200 yards rushing or more
300 yards passing or more
No turnovers

4. Defense needs to shoot for the following:
20 points or less
370 yards of total defense or less
120 yards rushing or less
250 yards passing or less
Force at least 3 turnovers

5. Special teams needs to shoot for the following
Make all placements, field goals of less than 50 yards and PAT
Average 43 yards or better on punts, net of 38 yards or better
No big returns allowed on kickoffs or punts
One explosive return on kickoffs of 35 yards or more and one on punts of 20 yards or more

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