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Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer liking what he sees from the Cowboys defense

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer liking what he sees from the Cowboys defense.

You have to understand that Glenn Spencer isn't going to be comfortable. This is the man that talks about Saturday's on the sidelines calling defenses as three hours of gut wrenching, stomach churning agony. He's the coach that tell his players to beware of pats on the back as they can turn into stabs in the back in the next game. Spencer keeps his defense on edge because it is on that edge that they play the best.

A quick check of the Big 12 statistics shows the Cowboys number three in scoring defense at 10.5 points per game, trailing only Kansas State and West Virginia. The Cowboys are fourth in total defense at 281.5 yards allowed a game, 85 yards rushing and 196.5 yards passing. Excellent numbers for a defense that has over the top aspirations.

The only area lacking right now, and Spencer loves to have a category to push, is the same one he has pushed all year so far, gaining turnovers. Oklahoma State has only one after two games Here's about as complimentary as Spencer will get on Mondays.

"I was pleased. The kids played really hard. I thought we played violent, which is what we ask of them," the defensive boss said. "We had a lot of great stops. Anytime you can stop somebody in the run game like we did, the whole front seven and the safeties are doing their job."

One guy that seemed to be all over the field with his seven tackles, one sack, and two tackles for losses was defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah. Ogbah is the kind of guy you love to see honored because he is a huge effort guy. Sometimes he comes off the field after a full go in practice and you would think he had played a complete game as he is stumbling and sweating. He needs some Gatorade.

"He got our defensive player of the game award last week," Spencer said. "He was very productive and he tackled. He had three quarterback hurries, a sack and a tackle-for-loss. So a very disruptive game for him. "

On the other hand meet Ogbah because he is a friendly enough guy off the field, but get on it with him and I promised you won't able to make it to the ball.

UTSA is next and Spencer has lots of respect for what and who they are.

"Yeah, they have a tough schedule every year," Spencer started. "They've always played a good team before us, and usually on film they've taken it to the wire. They did last year by beating Houston and (this year) taking Arizona to the wire. Really had missed opportunities in the first half against Kansas State. In the second half, Kansas State controlled the clock and they just didn't have any shots at them.

"We have a lot of respect because it's not like you're looking at film against an opponent we've never seen. We are looking at the film and seeing them show up against some of the most talented players in the nation. So it's easy for our guys to have some respect."

Respect your opponent, destroy them on Saturday, never let them run, and then ignore the compliments on Monday until the end of the season. Get ready for the next team and welcome to Glenn Spencer's world.

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