Oklahoma State news and notes following win over Texas-San Antonio

Oklahoma State news and notes following 69-14 victory over Texas-San Antonio.

You Can Use Constant Messaging to Change Habits and Performance

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer mounted his own media campaign in social media on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anything else he noticed his players, Oklahoma State fans, and any other place where anybody else he could think of brain washing would find it. #WTIB was everywhere and today it was on the long sleeve undershirts of both free safety Jordan Sterns and cornerback Michael Hunter.

The game started with cornerback Miketavius Jones coming off the edge on a corner Cowboy blitz and he tomahawked the ball out of the hands of UTSA quarterback Blake Bogenschutz and linebacker Devante Averette scooped and scored. That was the first of seven turnovers, count them seven, with five fumbles recovered and another scoop and score to end the scoring with safety Deric Robertson handling the chores on the back end of the book end scoop and scores. There were a pair of interceptions too.

"We didn't protect the football. We threw interceptions. We got stripped," UTSA head coach Larry Coker said. "They did a good job on defense and that's what they are coached to do. We work on it every day, but obviously we've got to coach it better and protect the ball better. I told our team we've got to play better and coach better."

"It's been a while since we've had a day like that. I've been laboring and sweating it out," Spencer said. "I've been stressing for us to cause them and for us to get them was one of those exhale moments. Hopefully those things are contagious and hopefully that keeps some blood in the water and it'll make them crave it more. So we'll just keep attacking like we always have."

The mindset has changed and these Cowboys have become ball hawking defenders and it would be nice to come up with at least three or four more turnovers in Austin next Saturday.

Defense Cues the Offense

Ask the offensive guys if it is motivating to see your defense go out and score the first touchdown of the game and then come back seconds later and get the ball back in plus territory and set up the offense for a scoring opportunity.

"It all started with Miketavius Jones," Averette said of the first touchdown which he scooped and scored. "It was a great zone-pressure call. My job was to apply the pressure underneath and him over the top and it just so happened that it played out just the way it's supposed to, and I just so happened to be there to pick it up."

To a man the offense said the defensive performance had them fired up and at the same time put the heat on the offense not to let the pace slow down at all or the momentum be given up because the offense couldn't move the football. They say competition is good within a football team usually meaning at a position, but competition between the offense and the defense is good too. 

"It always helps when you get a defensive stop like that," quarterback Mason Rudolph said. "Devante Averette did an awesome job, running with the ball and picking it up for a scoop-and-score. That kind of catapulted us into it. Our defense played great the whole day all the way around. They held them to a few points and got a lot of turnovers."
"We don't need to say a lot about what the defense did for us after forcing that many turnovers," head coach Mike Gundy said. "To be able to force those turnovers on special teams makes a big difference. There are only so many possessions that are gained when the defense gives the offense extra possessions. When you take those away from the other team, you're obviously going to have a chance to put up some big numbers. I thought they were excellent.

Bringing Back Some Old School Blocking Schemes

It became apparent very early that Oklahoma State on offense dug up some old blocking schemes to unlock the run game and help the interior of the offensive line get some angles and some better opportunities for success. Back in the Les Miles days as head coach at Oklahoma State and with his trusty offensive coordinator Mike Gundy dialing up plays the Cowboy often pulled the guard or guards. It is called "G" blocking and you can pull the on side guard, the backside guard, or you can pull both guards and load the point of attack. It is a blocking scheme not used as often these days, but one that can be very effective. The Cowboys didn't use it every play as they mixed it up with zone blocking, but you could tell the offensive line as a whole seemed to like it and the results the new schemes helped produce.

Lots to Prepare For

Opposing defensive coordinators will have a lot to prepare for as the Cowboys are still using J.W. Walsh some at quarterback to both run and throw in certain situations. Now they introduce some different blocking schemes. There were 12 different receivers that caught passes on Saturday. Start adding it all up and the Cowboys will have defensive graduate assistants drawing up lots of plays on lots of cards for scout teams and will be keeping defensive coordinators up later hours and have them really concerned about what to practice against and how much to practice against it.   

"I like the progress we've made from day one," Gundy said of his team. "There are areas where we need to improve, and I think we know where our deficiencies are. We have to try to eliminate some of those with schemes in our play calls on both sides of the ball. We're improving, and I think our cover units are progressing and getting better. We're not there. We'll know a lot more in three or four weeks, but I'm OK with where our team is now in preparation for the next game." 

The Biggest Roar of the Day

There were a lot of things to cheer for on the Oklahoma State sidelines today but by far the loudest roar and the biggest reaction of the afternoon occurred when fourth team running back Raymond Taylor broke off the 58-yard touchdown run with 1:45 left in the game. Taylor, who is out of Wichita Collegiate High School, is very popular with both the offensive players and the defensive guys from his time on the scout team. 

"It felt great," Taylor said. "I know that was my first touchdown so I was really excited. We'd put in a lot of work this year and it's paying off so far."

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