Oklahoma State did more than in 69-14 victory over Texas-San Antonio

Oklahoma State did more than in 69-14 victory over Texas-San Antonio

Before the Central Arkansas game and because of fan and subscriber unrest with the way the Oklahoma State, primarily offense, squad played in the opening game at Central Michigan we began a new feature on game objectives. We post them each Wednesday, you add and critique them, and then we see how the Cowboys matched up with them and put it up on Sunday. 

Here goes with the 69-14 win over UTSA.

Objectives and Explanations for the UTSA Game

1. Win - This game is the third and final game in this contract with the Roadrunners and Oklahoma State needs to stay perfect, 3-0 on the season and 3-0 vs. UTSA. It is also the last nonconference game so momentum is important to carry next week to Austin against Texas in the Big 12 opener.

I'd say this was easily met on the scoreboard and as far as momentum built for the Big 12 opener at Texas next Saturday. 

2. Score First and Build a Double Digit Lead by the end of the First Quarter - This is something Kansas State could not do last week against UTSA in the Alamo Dome in San Antonio. This is a good team, so accomplishing this would be a strong positive. By halftime the lead should be a three-score advantage with the Cowboy pushing it on.

You think this one got hit? How about a forced fumble and scoop and score on the third play of the game. Then another forced fumble and a two-play drive on the ground for the second touchdown before the first five minutes were gone. The halftime score was 31-7.
3. The offense needs to shoot for the following: 
35 points or more - Cowboys scored 69 points, but two were defensive touchdowns 
480 yards of total offense or more - 529 yards or total offense
200 yards rushing or more - 217 yards net rushing 
250 yards passing or more - 312 yards passing
No turnovers - 1 fumble but it came on special teams
No sacks - 3 sacks by UTSA
Fewer than 10 yards in lost yards rushing - 21 yards lost rushing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

4. Defense needs to shoot for the following: 
10 points or less - 14 points, but I think that can be forgiven
300 yards of total defense or more - 346 yards of total offense
100 yards rushing or less - 176 yards rushing
200 yards passing or less - 170 yards passing
Force at least 3 turnovers - 7 turnovers forced but one came on special teams   
Have at least four sacks - 3 sacks        

5. Special teams needs to shoot for the following: 
Make all placements, field goals of less than 50 yards and PAT - 9-of-9 on PATs and 2-of-2 on FGs 
Average 43 yards or better on punts, net of 38 yards or better - 34.8 yard avg. on five punts and a net avg. of 34.2 yards 
No big returns allowed on kickoffs or punts - Return average was 1-yard on punts and 20.0 yards on kickoffs 
Two explosive return on kickoffs of 35 yards or more and one on punts of 20 yards or more - One 17-yard punt return and one 24-yard kickoff return

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