Zach Crabtree pleased with Oklahoma State offensive line's performance

Zach Crabtree pleased with Oklahoma State offensive line's performance

I don't have to tell anybody that reads this site or follows Oklahoma State football that the offensive line has been a point of conversation and in particular their work in blocking the run game. Yesterday, the Cowboys showed real signs of progress. It was not the finished product, but it was a genuine improvement in the 69-14 win over UTSA.

After the game on the field there were smiles seen on the faces of the starting offensive line that haven't been seen so far. In the locker room I spoke with starting right tackle Zach Crabtree, a sophomore in his second season as a starter, about what it has been like for himself and his fellow starters on the offensive line so far this season.

GP: Take me through what it has been like so far.
Crabtree: It's been a process, like you said. We've been through a lot and still have a ways to go to get there. We've talked about being fast starters and I think today we were. The past two games weren't bad the second half, but we weren't fast starters. We've played good football the second halves, but the first halves whether it was schematic or whether it was us, we hadn't started too fast and that was a point of emphasis this week was let's go fast and that's what we did this week. 

GP: I hate to go back to last week, but in your days in football have you ever seen a defense sell out like Central Arkansas did to stop the run?
Crabtree: I saw it in high school because we were a power-I team that never passed the football. I saw it all the time, but at this program I haven't. I think the first play we counted eight or nine in the box. It is hard to run the football when you have that many people in the box and devoted to stopping the run. 

GP: I don't want you to give away any trade secrets and the Texas Longhorns watch tape but have you guys had some adjustments in how you are blocking plays based on some of the fronts you are seeing?
Crabtree: Absolutely, the plan was great this week from coach (Mike) Yurcich at the top to coach (Kasey) Dunn to coach (Marcus) Arroyo to coach (Jason) McEndoo to coach (Greg) Adkins. I think we had a great game plan going into it tonight and I think that showed at the end of the game.

GP: How much fun is it to now see a former O-lineman in Zac Veatch out there catching passes like he did that one downfield today?
Crabtree: I remember that play today because of who it was and I saw it. I don't often get to see those plays and David Glidden is always asking me about a play that happened downfield and he'll say, "did you see my catch?" I say, "no, I'm a little busy blocking these big guys so that pass can get thrown. That's my job." Last spring in the spring game he asked if I saw his touchdown catch in the game and I told him I had a guy in front of me named Emmanuel Ogbah and I was kind of busy. I have something to do today. Today we all made our blocks and the official said the ball was away and I looked downfield and it was Zac Veatch bringing it down and rumbling and stumbling. I was excited because I played next to him last season and we roomed together on the road. I'm happy for him and it is great for a teammate to have success like that.

It was nice to hear some fun story telling and joking around from the big guys in the trenches and I'm sure they will work and continue that process to get even better. It is a good group of guys and the care factor is high.

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