What's Oklahoma State have to do Saturday to defeat Texas?

What's Oklahoma State have to do Saturday to defeat Texas?

We started this feature after the first game because we discovered that winning games was no longer good enough for a number of Oklahoma State fans. A portion of the Cowboys fan base wanted wins to dominant, wanted them to look and feel a certain way.

Defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer recently mentioned that he feels the pressure not just to get turnovers and have the defense play well but that some fans demand a shutout. Honestly, I find that very unfair in this day and age of explosive offensive football and in this conference which has more than its share of those style of offenses.

Either way, for the demanding fan, each week we will list these objectives which we find as reasonable and now further into the season and starting conference play we can be even more exacting.

1. WIN - This will always be the top goal and in my opinion the only critical goal each week. This win would be very important as it puts OSU in a 1-0 start in the Big 12 Conference. It would also be a landmark to have won four straight games against Texas in Austin.

2. Last week was incredible with the two quick turnovers and after the scoop and score a quick offensive touchdown for a 14-0 lead. I can't begin to tell you how huge that would be on the road in quieting a Texas crowd and discouraging what has to be a somewhat fragile Texas psyche. I would just say here to score first, preferably a touchdown. If at all possible have a two-score lead after the first quarter and at least a two-touchdown lead at halftime.

3. Offensive Goals for Texas

A. Score at least 35 points. I feel this number gets the win for sure with a safety margin to work with.

B. Finish with 480 yards or more of total offense, 180 yards or more of rushing offense, 280 yards or more of passing offense.

C. Convert on third downs with at least a 55 percent success rate.

D. No more than one turnover in the game and preferably none. 

E. Have at least eight receivers catch passes in the game.

4. Defensive Goals for Texas

A. Hold Texas to 20 points or less. I feel that number secures a win. Anything less is gravy for the defense.

B. Hold Texas to 320 yards or less of total offense, 150 yards or less of rushing offense, 200 yards or less of passing offense.

C. Hold Texas to less than 30 percent conversion rate on third downs.

D. Force at least two interceptions and one fumble in the game for three turnovers total.

E. Hold QB Jerrod Heard to 280 yards of total offense or less and try to keep the rushing number under 50 yards net for the game as his scrambles cannot get out of control.

F. Hold RB Johnathan Gray to 60 yards or less rushing and don't let OSU be the school where he gets untracked.

5. Special Teams Goals for Texas

A. Make all PAT and FG attempts.

B. Punt for an average of at least 44 yards a punt and a net of 38 yards a punt.

C. Hold Texas return average to 26 yards or less on kickoffs and 5.0 yards or less on punts.

D. Get at least one field position changing kickoff or punt return during each half. 

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