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Oklahoma State now No. 19 in Coaches Poll, No. 20 in AP Poll

Oklahoma State now No. 19 in Coaches Poll, No. 20 in AP Poll

My first comment is that the football polls really don't mean that much anymore unless you believe that the College Football Playoff committee will use the polls as any kind of guide or barometer to start. If you believe they do, then the polls mean more.

Either way the newest AP and USA Today Coaches Poll prove that it really doesn't matter how you win, just that you win and you can advance up the ladder.

Oklahoma State played a strong first half offensively and a strong defensive game throughout but in a game that featured some strange ebb and flow won 30-27 over Texas after the Longhorns fumbled punt snap and a 10-yard punt late to set up Ben Grogan's 40-yard field goal to win it. The Cowboys climbed three spots in the USA Today poll from 22nd to 19th and then climbed four spots in the AP from 24th to 20th.

Below is the top 10 in each poll and the Big 12 teams that are included. It is worth noting in the look at comparative opponents that Oklahoma State defeated Central Michigan 24-13 on the road to open the season. Last week Central Michigan lost to Syracuse on the road in overtime 30-27 and yesterday Syracuse played eighth-ranked LSU close before falling 34-24, and Central Michigan went to second-ranked Michigan State and lost 30-10. 

AP Poll                                                           USA Today Coaches Poll                              

1. Ohio State (45)                                           1. Ohio State (61)

2. Michigan State (5)                                      2. Michigan State (2)

3. Mississippi (10)                                          3. TCU

4. TCU                                                           4. Baylor

5. Baylor                                                        5. Mississippi

6. Notre Dame                                               6. Georgia

7. UCLA                                                         7. Notre Dame

8. Georgia                                                      8. LSU

9. LSU                                                           9. Florida State

10. Utah (1)                                                  10. UCLA

Other Big 12 Teams

15. Oklahoma                                               14. Oklahoma

20. Oklahoma State                                      19. Oklahoma State

23. West Virginia                                           21. West Virginia

Receiving votes in both polls: Texas Tech and Kansas State

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