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Oklahoma State defensive coordinator still sees room for improvement

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator still sees room for improvement

It was business as usual for Oklahoma State Cowboys defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer. Spencer spends Monday backing down on all the plaudits that his defense earns on Saturday, and in Austin on Saturday in the 30-27 win over Texas there was plenty of credit to be spread.

The defense only allowed 13 points and 290 total yards, and in the clinching second half the Cowboy defenders stifled Texas and choked the Longhorns offense down to a sputtering 48 yards. The remnant of that effort was the Big 12 awarding defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week Award.

"I had to go out there and do my best for the team. This award should go to the whole defense not just myself," Ogbah said and he really meant it as this defense often times has teammates setting others up for big plays and they make it a whole lot of fun for fans to watch.

Spencer was still saying a few good things about the winning effort from Austin.

"Obviously, we had a lot of big stops. It wasn't a great tackling day, but (Texas) had a lot to do with that," the defensive coordinator said in a complimenting moment, sort of. "We got them down in some crucial times. I thought the effort was good."

Spencer was still impressed with his guys attitude and body language throughout the contentious contest. He likes the way they go about their business.

"There wasn't any panic or pointing fingers," he said. "If they can just stay focused on each series, we'll be fine. If anything else comes in their mind at all, it's a distraction. That's what I was proud of. They did their jobs."

Now it's on to Kansas State and, as always, he is predicting a challenge, a gut wrenching afternoon of calling defenses, and the hope his defenders will be both smart and violent. He's expecting the same crafty offensive output from Kansas State.

"They don't change," Spencer said. "It doesn't matter who is there, they're not going to change. They're going to give you great issues with stopping the quarterback in the run game. They do run-pass options all the time. You have to have an extra guy accounting for that."

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