OSU Bye Week Provides Opportunity For Rest

Oklahoma State plans to take advantage of bye week as it gives banged up players an opportunity to heal and recuperate entering the final six weeks of season

Sunday night it was meetings with no lifting or practice and then Monday was the normal day off and the players weren't required to show up at the West End Zone until shortly before 5 p.m. when they went out on the Boone Pickens Stadium floor and shared an hour with the Pistol Pete Partners and several Special Olympians that were invited to attend the meet and greet. 

That is how the week got started, a week that will include very little practice time and more opportunity for injured players such as cornerback Kevin Peterson (ankle), Zach Crabtree (ankle), running back Chris Carson (ankle), star linebacker Jordan Burton (abdomen), and any others to rest and recharge their batteries.

"It worked out good now and we're only going to practice one and half times this week," head coach Mike Gundy said. "We'll practice on Wednesday and then we'll practice an hour and 10 minutes on Thursday morning. These guys need some time off and we're going to make sure we give it to them. We've been going hard since fall camp and played six straight games. We can come back and make it through to the end and then they will get some time before the bowl game."

Gundy did say he encouraged the players to keep with their viewing of opponent game tape for 20 minutes every day. Rob Glass and his staff will also stage strength and conditioning workouts this week. 

Oklahoma State Football Bye Week Schedule

Monday: Pistol Pete Partners Meet & Greet, Training Table

Tuesday: Strength and Conditioning Workout, Training Table

Wednesday: Meetings, Practice, Training Table

Thursday: Meetings, Early Practice, Coaches go on the road recruiting

Friday: Nothing Scheduled, Coaches on the road recruiting

Saturday: Nothing Scheduled, Coaches at JC games for recruiting

Sunday: Meetings, Training Table, Light Practice

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