Next Games Will Tell The Tale Of Run Offense

Oklahoma State struggling running game has an opportunity to get on track in next two games against Kansas and Texas Tech

Oklahoma State is ninth in the Big 12 in rushing offense. The Cowboys have run the football 221 times for 825 yards and an average of 3.7 yards per carry through six games, all of which they have won.

"We still need to run the ball for 150 yards a game," head coach Mike Gundy said after OSU's 33-26 overtime win last Saturday at West Virginia. "I know it doesn't look like we are making progress, but I thought we did some tonight. In overtime those two plays by Rennie (Childs) were important and that first one, I don't know how he did it. That was just great effort on his part to get around those defenders. The second one was a good team run. In the overtime we used a different scheme on some of our plays."

We haven't had a chance to speak to Gundy since he watched the video of the game and when we do Wednesday I fully expect him to say he saw some holes opened by the often-criticized offensive line that did not get used well, if at all, by the running backs. 

"I know there were some holes and I got through some of them tonight," Childs said afterwards. "I think the offensive line is getting better and I think we will get better running the football. It is a team thing and I think we have it."

The Cowboys had better have it the next two weeks. After the open week the Cowboys face Kansas and then Texas Tech. Those two teams are ninth and 10th respectively in rushing defense.

Kansas has allowed 1,287 yards on 231 carries in five games. Teams are averaging gaining 257.4 yards a game on the ground against the Jayhawks. Texas Tech is worse allowing 1,702 yards on 279 runs and the average per play is 6.1 yards and 284 yards per game. TCU, Baylor, and Iowa State have all run the ball on Texas Tech. Kansas has faced Baylor and Iowa State so far. Iowa State redshirt freshman running back Mike Warren out of Lawton, Okla., has rushed for over 100 yards against both teams. 

This is the chance to get the run game going and get some confidence before the deciding month of November. 

"We just need to have some success and get that feeling," Childs said. "If we do that then we can keep it going."

"We will have to run the ball well or November will be a long month," Gundy said. "We will keep trying and I think Mike (Yurcich) has done a good job mixing it up and keeping the run game going. I think we will need to go back to basics to get this done. Nothing fancy just run the ball at and through a defense."

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