Yurcich A No Show For Monday's Media Event

Offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich and the Cowboys offensive coaches are working to make the OSU run game better against Kansas

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich was not around the bend from the football offices in the West End Zone on Monday for the regular interview session with the media. Defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer was there but Yurcich and the offensive staff were in the offensive meeting room and weren't coming out for air, at least not during the regular Monday media session.

One source told me that after the weekend spent on the road recruiting and also following that some family time before reconvening with the players for meetings and the Sunday evening practice that the offensive staff was hard at work watching the tape of Saturday's Texas Tech 30-20 win over Kansas where Tech used some massive "student body" tactics to run for 225 yards on Kansas. 

First, Tech is not a always a real strong run team but this season they have averaged 197.3 yards on the ground. DeAndre Washington is fourth in the Big 12 in rushing, and he had 160 yards on 22 carries at Kansas.

Tech used a mixture of screens and downfield passing to set up run plays that often had pulling guards and the onside tackle pulling in front of the runner. They also mixed in some zone runs as well. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is a capable runner and will run some zone read and keep the ball. 

The crunch time on the issue of running the football is that Kansas is ninth in the Big 12 and Texas Tech, the next week's opponent, is 10th in the league in rushing defense.

Asked if the Cowboys will be able to accomplish improving the run game and working toward head coach Mike Gundy's goal of 150 yards rushing a game, the head coach himself answered. 

"We hope so," Gundy said. "We're putting a lot of time and effort into it. I don't think you're going to see a considerable difference, but you'll hopefully see some improvement. I don't think you're just going to see us become a great running football team all of a sudden. We put time into it.

"We self-scouted in certain areas, trying to look at things that we can improve. We want to play a good game, and we want to play hard. Hopefully, you'll see some improvement in that area." 

The depth chart is the same and I would not look for any changes on the offensive line but you could see more of Rennie Childs at running back. What we did not see on Monday was any of offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich. If the Cowboys run the ball better on Saturday, then it's no big deal. He may quit showing up Mondays, permanently or not.

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