Why Oklahoma State? It's Hard To Explain.

Oklahoma State University and its fans are once again facing adversity after the Homecoming tragedy but Robert Allen says the Cowboys faithful will rise again and show their true character.

When anybody loses their life needlessly it is a tragedy. My wife and I just became grandparents last April, so when one of those, a 2-year-old boy, has a grandmother that works with the daughter of Dennis Smith, my sideline producer on the Cowboy Network, then that really hits home.

The loss of four people, the injuries to 44 and some of those being critical meaning we could lose more, is so senseless. The video of the car driven by Adacia Chambers slamming through the intersection and into the crowd on the southwest corner of Hall of Fame and Main streets is tough to watch, but it will be shown again and again.

I'm sitting here ready to work on the list of prospects that attended the game Saturday. Recruiting seems such a trivial subject in light of the days tragic and sad events. I will write more in reviewing the game Sunday but when I do will we have lost more friends and family from this.

I could feel guilty working on any of those stories, but then in the end that would be giving in to a senseless act. It would be shutting down in the face of yet another huge dose of adversity for the Cowboys and their fans. I was at the Stillwater Airport the night in 2001 when that King Air did not come home from Colorado. I was in Ames, Iowa early that Friday morning in 2011 and received that call that Kurt Budke and Miranda Serna were gone, perished in a plane crash in Arkansas while recruiting.

Somebody much wiser than myself once said God only hands out the adversity that we can handle. I know this, God must know that Oklahoma State and its people can handle a lot of adversity. We don't give in.

While this tragedy will be with us a long, long time the loss of life is the absolute worse aspect of this, but we will celebrate Homecoming again. We won't let one woman's terrible mistake and transgression change an activity that has brought more people together, back together, and put smiles on so many faces.

We will remember but even more important, we will live.

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