Oklahoma State Rewind: Special Teams Step Up

A punt block and 13-yard return by Miketavius Jones was the highlight for the Oklahoma State special teams.

I'll call it my play of the game even though you could easily have selected a variety of plays picked for play of the day vs. Kansas. True, the blocked punt and scoop and score all achieved by Miketavius Jones started with a high snap to Kansas punter Matthew Wyman by deep snapper John Wirtel, but Jones was brilliant in pursuit and making sure he kept the proper angle so that when Wyman, actually running away from his punting foot to the left, put on the brakes and stopped to attempt a punt.

Jones smothered it with his chest as he was spot on with his position and then scooped, although he was disappointed it wasn't a clean scoop and then score barely as KU defensive end Ben Goodman got part of him but had his hand between Jones' knee and the ground as the Cowboys special teams aficionado stretched the ball across for the touchdown.

"Whenever my name is called, I try to make a play," Jones said. "In that situation, I actually wasn't going for the block. I was supposed to play it safe, but the punter bobbled the ball and I saw a chance for me to make a play and help the team out."

That is a very fun play.

For the rest of the special teams, Ben Grogan missed a field goal to break his streak of 12 in a row prior to the second quarter miss. Grogan's kickoffs were okay with four touchbacks but Kansas returned five for an average of 26 yards, one in particular was sloppy and way too long with Ryan Schadler getting 36 yards on that return.

Zach Sinor punted four times for an average of just 35.5 yards but two of those were inside the 20-yard line, increasing his impressive number of kicks downed or out of bounds inside the 20 to 15 this season.

On the Cowboys returns, Jeff Carr had a decent kickoff return of 27 yards. One broken tackle and he might have gone a really long way. I am also going to predict that Jalen McCleskey is really close to breaking a punt return and it will happen soon, not because of McCleskey's continuing education in his freshman season but because there were two punts on Saturday that were blocked up well and the hole closed just a fraction too soon before McCleskey could get through it. It will happen in the near future as that unit is starting to do some good work on blocking up returns.  

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