Gundy, Yurcich On Same Page With Taylor

Walk-on running back Raymond Taylor

We live in the "what have you done for me lately society" that is permeated by the quick opinions that come straight off the moments notice internet and social media. One of the fan desires made so very public coming off the 70-53 win last Saturday at Texas Tech that brought the Cowboys to 8-0 on the threshold of the Nuclear November month of football is that walk-on Raymond Taylor get the start at tailback.

Taylor turned heads and not just those of the Texas Tech defenders with a third quarter, 28-yard touchdown run to go with a powerful four-yard touchdown run in the first half. He has been the most effective ball carrier in three games where he has had the chance.  

"Production will be rewarded and he continues to impress us and make tough runs, get through holes and break tackles," Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich said when asked about Taylor, who was sitting just one stool over at Monday's press gathering. "He is a tough guy to bring down and has great balance and a strong lower body. He might have amnesia (Taylor says he can't remember the path on his runs) but he has great vision." 

Personnel decisions at the positions where players rotate in and out aren't made on Monday, but Mike Gundy hinted he is on board with a potential start for Taylor against TCU.

"There are so many reps and they get a lot of work and you almost (automatically) go with the guy that is playing well," Gundy said of the situation. "Raymond Taylor is playing well, the number of carries he has gotten, the plays he's made, bouncing off tackles. We haven't had that discussion yet. That will take place [Tuesday] morning. He is a guy that deserves more carries based on the production he has had to this point."

The offense overall exploded on Saturday and they did it with a wide variety of plays, at least three double passes, several reverses, jet flips, or double reverses or reverse with a flip, and a number of other wide open, full throttle play calls. Yurcich is getting credit and while he should soak it up after getting a heavy dose of naysayers in his time in Stillwater, he's giving credit to the players.

"I'm more satisfied and happy for the players," Yurcich said. "They are the ones executing the plays that I'm just reading off a list of what we thought would work during the week. It's not that hard. The players deserve it and now we have to do it again this week. That is over. We have to work this week, we've got a challenge."

Yurcich has said time and time again his peace on the Cowboys two-quarterback system and he still talked it up proudly on Monday. But in the other room Gundy found he was needing to defend it some after one reporter said he noticed or sensed that Mason Rudolph was unhappy after not playing in the fourth quarter. Gundy asked and couldn't get where the reporter came up with it, but said he thinks both Rudolph and Walsh are all in, and the staff and players believe it works.

"We use J.W. along with Mason because we believe it provides us the best opportunity to move the football and score points. It keeps us balanced as an offense. We haven't run the ball well enough to not include J.W. in our system to help with the run game, to balance out our system on offense. That is our opinion," Gundy said.

A two-quarterback system is a rarity in football, few have worked anywhere as well.

"I don't know of any," Gundy added. "Steve Spurrier played with two quarterbacks one year and I don't know how it turned out. I've never seen it work this well. We didn't plan it this way, but we have to play to our strengths the best that we can."

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