GoPokes TV: The CFP Committee Got It Wrong

Robert Allen and Anna-Marie Ahrberg offer their opinions on the College Football Playoff rankings released earlier this week.

Here are my primary complaints with the first edition of this year's College Football Playoff Committee's Top 25 Rankings, and then after this brief duplication of my radio rant in print I will go back to focusing on the task at hand and that is preparing for the huge matchup Saturday at Boone Pickens Stadium between the number 8 team in the eyes of the CFP huddle and the number 14 team in the CFP rankings, TCU at Oklahoma State.

I have no problem with any of the Big 12 rankings, except I think at this stage that if strength of schedule is that critical then TCU should be ranked ahead of Baylor. The Bears are sixth and TCU is eighth. At this point the on the field résumé is pretty similar between the two, but TCU has clearly played a better schedule and has some critical conference wins on the road at Texas Tech and Iowa State.

Honestly, the rest of the Big 12 issues will be worked out with this mammoth November, featuring games between all of the top four schools in the standings. 

The committee did make something clear to the Big 12 and that is until the league schedules better in the non-conference it will take an unbeaten conference champion to guarantee a spot in football's final four. OU winning out won't guarantee the Sooners, and a loss by any of the other three likely dooms them unless there is a lot of crazy results in other leagues. I think the repeat message there, and I'm getting it more loudly and more clearly than last season, is for the league to expand and get a championship game or just get a championship game. 

Now my rants. So much for the committee not looking ahead or not looking back to last season because they had to look at one or the other to place Ohio State third in the rankings. The Buckeyes have no huge non-conference wins and a close call at home with Northern Illinois plus no major wins in the Big Ten as of yet, and the Buckeyes are still third. Their résumé is worse than several other unbeaten teams and some one-loss teams. 

Speaking of one-loss teams, Alabama gets in and that warms the heart of Kirk Herbstreit, but Kirk they got the wrong one-loss team. Notre Dame lost barely in the rain to number one and their schedule is as good as Bama. How about Florida? They beat Ole Miss at home and are 7-1 while Alabama lost to the Rebels in Tuscaloosa. Heck, Memphis doesn't have the overall schedule to match up but they beat Ole Miss abnd shouldn't be 13th and some nine spots behind Alabama, a loser to Ole Miss. 

Now if Oklahoma State is going to either Arlington or Miami for a semifinal then the Cowboys need to win out in November and that begins Saturday against a very talented, especially on offense, TCU team.

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