GoPokes TV: OSU No Drop Zone

Robert Allen and Anna-Marie Ahrberg discuss the importance of the Cowboys receivers making catches in Saturday's showdown with third-ranked TCU.

Looking back on last Thursday night in Fort Worth, it appeared that West Virginia played better than what added up to a 40-10 loss to now 8-0 TCU. But Mountaineers head coach Dana Holgorsen would be the first to tell you that four drops, three on very significant long passes and at least two that would have been sure touchdowns, made a major difference in that game. The balls bouncing off the WVU receiver's numbers on their jerseys were points bouncing off the scoreboard, or worse points jumping up on the TCU side of the scoreboard. 

Tuesday night after practice concluded the Oklahoma State receivers stayed and went through a catching session on primarily medium to longer passes off the JUGGS machine. The Cowboys had a few drops of their own last Saturday in Lubbock, Texas but it did not keep them from beating the Red Raiders 70-53.

Mike Gundy noticed the drops and made mention of them in postgame.

"We had several dropped passes and they were on passes thrown well by Mason (Rudolph)," Gundy said. "He was 21-of-35 but he should have been 24-or-25 of 35 for over 300 yards and maybe another touchdown. It didn't hurt us but we need to catch those passes."

Against TCU, which seemingly has its receivers not only not dropping passes but coming up with some freaky receptions, the Cowboys had better have their sticky fingers going. 

"I think so. There's been improvement across the board. We continually say this, 'We need to improve in every facet, such as quarterback reads, receiver routes, blocking on the perimeter, protections, running back routes and everything else across the board,'" offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich said.

"And I think you're seeing an overall improvement in each area of the offense. I don't think there's really one specific thing that we need to improve on, we just need to continue to improve and keep getting better as an offensive unit. Each practice has a purpose, we're not just out there because it's Tuesday and the schedule says there's practice. We're out there because it's an opportunity to get better and I think our guys are understanding that philosophy and trying to work hard each and every day to get better at what we do."

The purpose on Tuesday was catching the football, and leading receiver David Glidden, a senior and a very experienced and savvy player, knows that focus is important. The old saying, "be the ball," applies in this instance.

"It (focus) really does stay the same. Coach Gundy does a good job of putting that in our heads and we just go out there and do our jobs. We just have to win out in practice every day and that's all we can do," Glidden said.

"You study film on your own, do all the little things that you can do and in the end it's going to give you and your football team an advantage. I don't think there is any added pressure to this because we knew going into the season that November was going to be a difficult stretch and if we could make it to this point, we'd have a shot and that's really all we could ask for." 

In order to get all they can ask for they need to catch all the passes that come their way.

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