Oklahoma State moves up to No. 4 in the rankings

Oklahoma State is ranked fourth in both the AP and coaches polls, but Cowboys fans may be disappointed when the College Football Playoff rankings are released Tuesday.

For all of those that long for the good old days of split national champions and mythical titles awarded by the votes of coaches and media members or the BCS days of pollsters and computers designating the two top teams for a championship game, the AP and USA Today Coaches polls are out and there seems to be very little disagreement. How about the Cowboys landing in the fourth spot and the perfect symmetry of opinions of the media and coaches?

#, AP Poll (1st place votes) - USA Today Poll (1st place votes), Record
1. Clemson (34) - Clemson (28) 10-0
2. Ohio State (23) - Ohio State (32)  10-0
3. Alabama (4) - Alabama (4)  9-1
4. Oklahoma State - Oklahoma State 10-0
5. Notre Dame - Notre Dame 9-1
6. Iowa - Iowa 10-0
7. Oklahoma - Oklahoma 9-1
8. Florida - Florida 9-1
9. Michigan State - Michigan State 9-1
10. Baylor - Baylor 8-1 
11. TCU - TCU 9-1
12. North Carolina - North Carolina 9-1

You have to go down to 13 in the two polls to reach disagreement where the AP has unbeaten Houston and the coaches tabbed two-loss Michigan as 13th.

Now on Tuesday don't expect the symmetry or the agreements to take place. In fact, many of you will not be happy with the logic of the 12-member committee because while they talk a good game, committee chairman Jeff Long has been caught talking out of both sides of his mouth. The criteria is one thing and the results lead to something completely different. 

The most glaring example is how Long says the committee does not project and that they only evaluate based on what has taken place. Then to explain Ohio State in the final four at this stage Long says the committee feels they have yet to play their best football and that the games where they will prove that are up ahead. The Buckeyes strength of schedule is in the 70s and they certainly didn't overly impress anybody with the 28-3 win over Illinois on Saturday.

Now before listing my projections, don't think this is "Homer Orange" Robert coming to you. Okay, maybe I'm "Homer Orange" Robert but I can project the CFP Rankings with more of an unbiased outlook than the committee. Just remember, my major problems with Jeff Long, Barry Alvarez, Tom Osborne, and the rest of the CFP folks has to do with Ohio State and Big 10 inflation which makes me think those two former coaches mentioned are getting too much power and say in the process. Hey Jeff Long you need to reign those golden boys in or your work this year may come under some really fair and accurate scrutiny.

Here is my projection of the committee's top 10, and next to it what I think is the right top 10. Notice the lack of symmetry.

CFP Committee Projection for Nov. 17 and Robert Allen's CFP Poll
1. Clemson                                         1. Clemson
2. Alabama                                         2. Alabama
3. Ohio State                                      3. Notre Dame
4. Notre Dame                                    4. Oklahoma State
5. Iowa                                               5. Iowa
6. Oklahoma                                       6. Florida
7. Oklahoma State                            7. Ohio State
8. Michigan State                                8. Oklahoma
9. Florida                                            9. Michigan State
10. Baylor                                          10. Baylor

I know, scream bloody murder but the committee is known for some dramatic moves from one week to the next and I predict they will bump Oklahoma over OSU claiming the win by OU over Baylor on the road trumps the OSU win at home over TCU. TCU certainly didn't help the Big 12 as they stumbled around in beating Kansas. Some committee members believe in the power of the logo and they will gravitate to OU on that. Don't panic. Oklahoma State, as an unbeaten, really controls its own destiny, so win two and you are in.

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