New Oklahoma State Commit Tyler Brown Is One Of A Kind

Offensive lineman Tyler Brown of Lexington, Okla., is the type of player that can have a big impact on a program.

"Tyler Brown is really good. He has a good frame, good feet, [and] good strength. He is a can't miss guy if he gets good coaching and is developed," said a college football coach when asked what kind of player Oklahoma State was getting with the change in commitment Brown made going from TCU to Oklahoma State on Tuesday.

Tyler Brown's senior tape shows many of the same qualities that he displayed as a junior that caused his recruiting to ramp up in the spring and summer. Remember, this is a 6-6, 315-pound athlete that is on some of Lexington High School's relay teams in track. He is also  power lifter and very strong.

Watch tape and you see a player that seems to know leverage. He is low, could get lower, but his positioning is so much better than the vast majority of high school linemen. He stays in contact with most of his targets and never lets them loose until it is too late to have a chance to be involved in the play.

He blocks well on the run and seems to have no problem whether his target is straight ahead or he has to move at an angle or down the line. The athleticism is special with Brown.  

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