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Oklahoma State Moves Up To Sixth In CFP Rankings

Oklahoma State moves up to sixth in this week's College Football Playoff rankings, and the Cowboys will get a chance to improve their résumé when they face No. 10 Baylor on Saturday.

The entertainment value picked up a notch as the latest CFP rankings were nestled in between a couple of top-25 college basketball battles from the United Center in Chicago. It made for some fun as primarily fans of the Kansas Jayhawks waiting for their team to tip off against the Michigan State Spartans could only make goofy faces in the cameras.

Kansas is so far removed from the CFP rankings, but their Big 12 brethren are up there as Oklahoma State jumped two spots from eighth to sixth this week. Bedlam rival Oklahoma, who scored its biggest win last Saturday at Baylor, is right behind the Cowboys in seventh. Vanquished Baylor dropped to 10th in the CFP poll, high enough that they still represent a significant skin on the wall in the trophy hunt that the 2015 season has become down the stretch in the Big 12 Conference.

The top four remained the same with unbeaten Clemson in first. Second-ranked Alabama was thought to challenge for the top spot but committee chairman Jeff Long, athletic director at Arkansas, said the committee considered that move but the vote was clearly in favor of Clemson staying on top. Ohio State, despite a less than impressive résumé still is number three. To me, the Ohio Stte situation is the most gross miss each week by the CFP committee. One loss Notre Dame waving that one loss which came to top team Clemson by two points at Clemson's "Death Valley" is still fourth.

"Notre Dame is a solid fourth," Long said. "Most of our time was spent looking at teams five through seven."

That has to be a concern that Notre Dame is still thought of as a solid number four. I believe that both Iowa in fifth and Oklahoma State in sixth, both teams 10-0, control their destiny and should they win out then both would be in the top four and the playoff.

Below is the complete top 25 as decided on by the committee.

1. Clemson (10-0)

2. Alabama (9-1)

3. Ohio State (10-0)

4. Notre Dame (9-1)

5. Iowa (10-0)

6. Oklahoma State (10-0)

7. Oklahoma 9-1)

8. Florida (9-1)

9. Michigan State (9-1)

10. Baylor (8-1)

11. Stanford (8-2)

12. Michigan (8-2)

13. Utah (8-2)

14. Florida State (8-2)

15. LSU (7-2)

16. Navy (8-1)

17. North Carolina (9-1)

18. TCU (9-1)

19 Houston (10-0)

20. Northwestern (8-2)

21. Memphis (8-2)

22. Mississippi (7-3)

23. Oregon (7-3)

24. USC (7-3)

25. Wisconsin (8-2)  

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