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OSU Review: Special Teams Were A Non-Factor In Loss To Baylor

Special teams was a non-factor in Oklahoma State suffering its first loss of the season on Saturday night.

Yes, there are three phases to every football team and every football game, but sometimes the results in two of those phases can render one phase basically a non-factor. The Baylor Bears domination up front on both offense and defense as Baylor ran for 304 yards and limited Oklahoma State to 8 rushing yards, meaning there was not much that returns, punts, kickoffs, and placements could do to change the outcome.

If you are looking for a review, the Cowboys were unable to return either of Baylor's punts. The Bears adopted a strategy of kicking short on kickoffs muck of the game and the combined efforts of Jeff Carr and Chris Lacy produced an average of 19 yards on kickoff returns.

Baylor was getting too much on kickoff returns as the Bears averaged 22.8 yards a return and had an average starting field of their own 31-yard line.

Punter Zach Sinor was over used on the night with a season-high 10 punts that he averaged 39.0 yards on, and four of those punts were downed inside the 20. The Cowboys net punt was a very solid 38.8 yards.

Kicker Ben Grogan did not have a field goal attempt and was perfect on all five PATs. The Cowboys attempted two onside kicks and neither were recovered, but those are always desperation plays.

Special teams was solid. Neither team did enough to turn the tide but they also didn't do anything to cost the Cowboys an opportunity either.

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