Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich back to planning

Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich and the Cowboys offensive staff will be working on finding ways to keep the Oklahoma defense off balance, including a more effective running game, entering Saturday night's Bedlam showdown.

It's a weekly situation for the Oklahoma State offensive staff, watch tape and see what an opposing defense does best and then go to the white board in the offensive staff room and start scheming. The conventional run game has only really shown up in a couple of games and in others offensive coordinator Mike Yurcich and the staff has found ways to make the opposing defense respect the Cowboys and the first 10 yards from the line of scrimmage. Balance can come in different ways.

"You want to make sure the defense is honest," Yurcich said Monday during the regular media gathering on the suite level of Boone Pickens Stadium. "That's the most important thing. So whether you're throwing it 60 percent of the time or running it 60 percent of the time, the most important thing is that the defense doesn't know what you're going to do and you can't lean on one tendency. That's the biggest thing. You want to complement yourself, but as far as percentages go you have the tape that the defense has given you and you have to do whatever you have to do to move the ball and score points."

He also gave an update and a description window into what the planning stages are like on a Monday.

"Monday is a big day for us, so today we're only halfway through it," he added. "We break up from the staff and get into our cut-ups and everyone looks at their specific formations that they're going to look at and then we'll get into situations as the week progresses. Today is only halfway done and we have a long road ahead of us today and into tonight."

Monday is a day off for the players but Yurcich said on his side of the ball the players seemed like they were ready and willing to rebound from the Saturday loss to Baylor.

"They seemed pretty positive throughout the meetings," Yurcich said. "There was a little frustration and anger in there, which is normal, but we have a mature group and we expect them to have a great practice tomorrow to start the week and go from there."

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