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Five-year senior J.W. Walsh hopes this isn't his final home game

Five-year senior J.W. Walsh will be one of 17 players participating in Oklahoma State's Senior Day activities on Saturday night before the season finale against Oklahoma, but the Cowboys quarterback said he would like to be granted a sixth year of eligibility.

Head coach Mike Gundy has talked about it and so have others on the football staff but until Monday Oklahoma State quarterback J.W. Walsh had never been asked about whether he would want to see Oklahoma State pursue a sixth year of eligibility for him from the NCAA.

The NCAA rule says the five-year clock can be extended if an athlete has lost a season or more of participation for reasons beyond their control. It is easier for an athlete that has been taken away by family emergency or military service. For an athlete that is using injury as a reason for extending their eligibility then the rule states they need to show two years of missed opportunity. Walsh is close.

After he redshirted in 2011, which does not fall under missed time for reasons outside your control, he missed three games following a fractured knee cap against Iowa State. He saw very little action in four games after returning from that injury. In 2014 Walsh started the season opener against Florida State and performed admirably in a loss and then the next week injured his foot in the first quarter against Missouri State and missed the rest of the season. With the bowl game that constituted missing 11 and 3/4 games of action.  

"I'm going to come out Senior Day just because I have no idea what the future is," Walsh said when first asked about being a Cowboy for another season. "Absolutely, I want the sixth-year. If I can get a sixth-year, absolutely. I have (talked to someone) about pursuing it but they told me that my chances are not good. Head coach Mike Gundy knows more about it than I do." 

The process does not even begin until an athlete has exhausted his eligibility, so for Walsh that would come after a bowl game. He knows how much fun it can be to be an older quarterback because he is already and he saw how much fun Brandon Weeden had.

"Oh yeah, Weeden had fun," Walsh agreed. "If you can have as much fun as Brandon Weeden had then you are doing something right."

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