Where Will The Oklahoma State Cowboys Go Bowling?

Oklahoma State is 10-2 after completing the regular season Saturday night, and now the Cowboys await their bowl destination. It appears the Cowboys may be playing in the Alamo Bowl or the Russell Athletic Bowl.

The Oklahoma State coaching staff, including head coach Mike Gundy, hits the road this week for recruiting. One early target inside the state is Edmond Santa Fe safety/star linebacker prospect Calvin Bundage and then some of the junior college and mid-year enrollees don't have much time for the head coach to squeeze in his one allowed off-campus visit to their school and home, so our guess is that is where Gundy is this week.

All the position coaches and coordinators, when they are not accompanying the head coach on home visits, will be checking in on all of the committed players and the recruits still left on the board, and then junior and sophomore recruiting as the OSU program has done more advance offering than I can ever remember (and I've been around covering the Pokes recruiting efforts for nearly 32 years).

For the Cowboys squad, they have earned a well deserved full week of time off to catch up on academics, to get into the training room and with the doctors to evaluate and treat injuries and work on getting healthier as a team, and then just a decompression. The 12-game regular season had one bye week. Last season the Cowboys had three bye weeks. It is a real grind playing six games in a row and then six more in a row to finish, especially when three of the last four were top-10 teams.

Now to the bowl situation, and it is relatively simple.

The Big 12 has a pecking order that can loosely be played with but not when it comes to the College Football Playoff and New Year's Day Bowls. Oklahoma is heading to the CFP. As of right now it would appear that Baylor is the favorite to go to the Sugar Bowl to play in that Big 12-SEC matchup against likely Mississippi or Florida.

But that could change if Texas were to upset Baylor, and then Oklahoma State would likely head to New Orleans. Texas over Baylor is a huge if right now. If that doesn't happen then TCU and Oklahoma State will play in the Alamo Bowl and the Russell Athletic Bowl. It could go either way, but since TCU has not been to San Antonio and the Alamo Bowl would have top selection the Frogs could wind up there against  Pac-12 opponent, likely Oregon.

Oklahoma State or TCU heading to the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, Fla., would likely see either North Carolina or Florida State. A matchup with the Tar Heels would be interesting with Mike Gundy's friend and former offensive coordinator Larry Fedora as UNC head coach.

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