Levi Draper Opens Recruitment Back Up

Levi Draper, a junior who will join his Collinsville Cardinal teammates in playing in the Oklahoma Class 5A state championship game on Saturday, has de-committed from Oklahoma State and will make his new decision known after the state title contest.

Commitments made way in advance such as the one that Collinsville, Okla., and standout linebacker Levi Draper made this past summer to Oklahoma State often don't stand up. Despite saying he was firmly committed this summer, Draper, who along with his Collinsville Cardinal teammates will play Altus for the Class 5A state championship, said he will commit to the school he really wants to play college football for on Saturday, presumably after the Class 5A title game that kicks off at 1 p.m. in Yukon. 

According to sources in Collinsville, Draper called Oklahoma State coaches on Thursday morning to tell them and then he went fully public on Twitter on Thursday night. 

@Ldraper_10: "I have officially decommitted from Oklahoma State. State staff and Cowboy family, but at this time I have officially decommitted from Oklahoma State. I've prayed long and hard and at this point I know where I want to play college football and I will make my final decision Saturday evening!"

The 6-3, 210-pound Draper has offers from a number of schools including Alabama, Auburn, Florida State, Clemson, Stanford, and Texas A&M, among many others. He has continued to enjoy being recruited by Oklahoma, and if you were guessing the Sooners would be the most likely choice at this time. 

Oklahoma State has one of the top linebacker prospects in the country in the 2016 class visiting this weekend in Mique Juarez. Juarez is also a tremendous talent on the offensive side too having accounted for 60 touchdowns this past season. Juarez's attention on the Cowboys could alleviate any disappointment in losing Draper.

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