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Mike Gundy thinks Cowboys would have only won seven games without both Mason Rudolph, J.W. Walsh

Mike Gundy thinks Oklahoma State would have been lucky to win seven games without both Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh.

Talking with Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy the other day you could hear in his voice his excitement about finals week ending and getting back with his players for bowl practices and the trip to New Orleans to play Ole Miss in the Sugar Bowl. 

You can also tell there is still some skepticism about whether quarterback Mason Rudolph will truly be back from his foot surgery and playing in the game against the Rebels. Gundy would have you thinking it is imperative that he is. Rudolph threw for 3,591 yards and 21 touchdowns for the Cowboys this season. 

J.W. Walsh was also impressive accounting for 11 rushing touchdowns and was the second-leading rusher for the team. He also threw for 13 touchdowns. I don't think any two quarterback system in football has ever been as successful as this one. The old saying in football is if you have two quarterbacks then you have none does not apply in this case.

"Our offensive staff and the players on the team did a great job of buying in," Gundy said. "In my opinion, we would be lucky to win seven games if we didn't have both quarterbacks playing. We had to try and generate some short-yardage and goal-line and more rushing attack with J.W. and were able to use Mason's strength which is to throw play-action pass down the field.

"When we have some deficiency in areas like the offensive line and running game and I think we improved some since last season but we still have a long ways to go. We have to work with our backs and find backs that give us more of a threat in the running game. We understand that, but when you are in a season you can only manufacture schemes with the players that you have available. Those two quarterbacks were really the key to us winning 10 games this season," he said.

Those two quarterbacks will be the key to this team winning 11 games this season, so Mason Rudolph get well soon. The Cowboys and your QB partner, J.W. Walsh, need you.

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