Mike Gundy, Cowboys are impressed with Ole Miss defense

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy and the Cowboys are impressed with the Ole Miss defense and the "Land Sharks."

They started a few years ago with the nickname "Land Sharks" and the Ole Miss defenders apparently still like the nickname. Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy thinks they are deserving of whatever they want to call themselves.

"They are really fast on defense," Gundy said. "They are really good up front on their defense."

"I don't know nothing about the land sharks," wide receiver Jhajuan Seales said laughing. "They have a good secondary and a really good defensive line. I know we have spent a lot of time with the guys up front (on offense) working on blocking up the edges and making plays."

"Very talented and very athletic," added offensive tackle Zach Crabtree. "They have good players all across the board."

"Their front seven is probably one the best we've seen this whole season, if not the best," said senior inside receiver David Glidden. "They have a lot of skill players up front and their secondary is really good. The quarterbacks will be wanting to get the ball out of their hands in a hurry."

Gundy said the learning curve to prepare for the game is not as great as maybe it would be with a lot of SEC teams. Ole Miss plays a little like a Big 12 team.

"There's a lot of similarities to what they do, both sides of the ball to what we do here," Gundy stated. "They do have speed and they have recruited well and they have a lot of strength on their defensive line."

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