Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer says Rebels remind him of Big 12 opponents

Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer says Ole Miss offense and quarterback Chad Kelly are comparable to those the Cowboys played in the Big 12.

Using the Hudl account and watching opponent tape, I seemingly had to go searching for run plays the other night while watching Ole Miss in their predominant personnel grouping of 10. They seem to like to throw the ball, but Oklahoma State defensive coordinator Glenn Spencer said he found plenty of challenges with the Rebels on the run. 

"I mean I think they are pretty balanced, different formations they might (favor pass over run)," Spencer answered. "They have the skill set, run or pass, to get with what is working. I liken them to a Big 12 offense and what we are used to facing.

"They have the athletes in the right positions with the receivers and the good offensive line and the mobile running quarterback. That is why they lead the SEC in offense and they have been that team in that league that is maybe helping to see it evolve (offensively)."

Weak side linebacker Seth Jacobs is impressed with the big offensive line. They average 6-4, 308 pounds across the front, and left tackle Laremy Tunsil is expected to be a first- or second-round NFL Draft choice coming out early.

"They have a physical front," Jacobs said. "They are able to run the ball, and their quarterback is very talented. He can run, he can throw and he makes a lot of people miss. We have to stay sound in tackling and making sure we're in the right spot at the right time."

The key is quarterback Chad Kelly, the nephew of former Miami Hurricane and Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly. Good stock and championship stock as Kelly quarterbacked East Mississippi Community College to an NJCAA championship last season. He is compared to a quarterback that Cowboy fans – like Cowboy coaches and players – are having a hard time getting out of their conscience.

I've compared him, when you watch him he is a lot like Baker (Mayfield)," Spencer said without a smile on his face. "He is that good. He is real good at a lot of things.

"When he is running he will make you miss and he will lower a shoulder on a DB and he is another running back back there. He can escape the rush and there are a lot of situations where he will make somebody miss on the rush, side step and then dump the ball to an open receiver. He is very heady and that is why they consistently drive the ball on everybody they play.

Jacobs gets the message from his defensive coordinator and position coach in Spencer, and it is loud and clear.

"He makes people miss," added Jacobs. "He's able to get space, and he's a very physical player. He's another guy out there that's able to run the ball."

The players in the secondary like cornerbacks Kevin Peterson and MIchael Hunter say they can't come running to help because the second they do then Kelly is throwing over their head and to the house.

Plenty of rest, lots of experience with this kind of offense, and the hope is that in New Orleans that it will pay off. A little crawfish as Peterson and Hunter are both fans of the Cajun delicacy, should make for some incentive to get it right.   

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