David Glidden, J.W. Walsh are hoping to wrap up careers with a victory

David Glidden and J.W. Walsh were both members of the Class of 2011 recruiting class, and the fifth-year Oklahoma State seniors are hoping to wrap up their playing careers with a win in the Sugar Bowl.

Covering high school football back in the fall of 2010 as aggressively as maybe I had ever covered it, I was doing at least one game a week and sometimes two games a week on television and I was writing loads of copy for the magazine that actually was the predecessor to the Vype Oklahoma Pigskin Preview.

Of course, I was covering recruiting too and I really thought this receiver and kickoff and punt returner at Mustang High School was pretty special. Every chance I got I would say something to Mike Gundy about David Glidden. Glidden would score three touchdowns in a game that I did on Thursday night. Well, the next day while boarding a charter flight for an OSU road game I would describe the highlights to Gundy. About midway through the season Gundy had either heard or I think he and his coaching staff had seen enough and the Cowboys offered, and Glidden committed. 

I remember saying something to OSU athletics director Mike Holder about Glidden, and Holder said he's only 5-10 (actually he was 5-8). I remember telling Holder, "By the time he is finished you will be really glad Oklahoma State had him." Not exactly a thin limb there but I appreciate coming in with a safety net. 

In his career, Glidden has 111 receptions for 1,596 yards and six touchdowns. He has caught more balls that have moved the chains than maybe any current receiver on the squad. More than that, he along with his fellow Class of 2011 signee in quarterback J.W. Walsh have been instrumental leaders in the program. Especially for Glidden last season when Walsh was hurt and things became as bleak as they'd been since Gundy's first season with a five-game losing streak.

"He's been a very good leader for us. He knows exactly what to say to the guys," Walsh said of Glidden, and Walsh has been a darn good leader in his own right, so he should know. "David is an emotional leader. When you are looking for someone to fire the team up, he's that guy. David is always in a good mood. He's trying to help the team as best as he can."

"This past month has been nice to have this time off, but now we are starting to practice again. It's becoming where every practice is now one less practice," Glidden said the other day as his time as a Cowboy counts down after the best season of his career this fall with 53 catches for 807 yards and three touchdowns.

"It's coming to a close, and a couple of our guys have sat down and reflected on our careers. We have talked about a lot of the moments that have happened throughout our four years. You always have to remember the good things about being here," Glidden said.

Glidden has dealt with injuries but not nearly as many as Walsh. In fact, Walsh will have Oklahoma State apply the paperwork to try and get a sixth year of eligibility after the Sugar Bowl. He likely won't get it, but there is a chance. Both are hoping for that one last memory to carry out of Stillwater and that is winning one of the most tradition-rich bowl games in America and college football history with the Sugar Bowl against Ole Miss.

"It would be really cool just to win a game with this type of magnitude," Walsh said. "Winning this game would really mean a lot to me."

"It would be a great way to cap off the career here with this group of seniors," Glidden expressed again showing that he is thinking beyond himself. "It was an exciting season. The regular season didn't end the way we wanted it too, but it would be great to bring back the win to the Oklahoma State family."

There is no doubt these two will be missed, and I think I nailed it with Glidden. Every Cowboy coach, player, fan, and athletic director has to be proud that he is a Cowboy. 

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