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Tyler Brown Enjoyed Semper Fi Experience

Oklahoma State commit Tyler Brown enjoyed his experience playing in the Semper Fi All-American Game this past weekend.

Big Tyler Brown showed me something and apparently showed a number of others in California something as he prepared for Sunday's Semper Fi All-American Game that was won by the East over Brown's West team.

"I played center and I was worried that I might have some problems (with the snap)," Brown revealed. "I played guard all season and I went out there invited to play guard in the game but they didn't give our team any centers and they asked for volunteers and I said okay. It had been a long time since I played center."

Brown actually did okay as I saw one snap on the ground when he was in the game and it was a little high, below the chin, and the quarterback dropped it. Brown adapted to moving well after making the snap and since he was not covered up in the game he did a lot of double teams, angle blocking, and he was downfield a lot on runs and screens. 

We caught up with the 6-5, 320-pound Brown as he was driving home with family from California. 

"It hasn't climbed above 30 (the temperature) since we left California and there has been some snow, but the roads are okay here in New Mexico. It was bad and snowy in Arizona," he said. 

"I enjoyed the game, but it was a little different experience," Brown added. "The Marines were a big part of it and some of our workouts were more Marine driven and they weren't real long, but they were intense. It was good because there were three of us from Oklahoma and I also met some guys from Houston and Hawaii that I hung out with."

Brown said he will primarily be in the gym working out this winter and spring in preparing for Oklahoma State. He also said he is looking forward to his official visit with the Cowboys on Jan. 14.

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