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Mike Gundy On OSU Staff: 'I Think We're In Good Shape'

Mike Gundy is hoping to keep the Oklahoma State coaching staff intact but knows that both other colleges and the NFL may come calling.

The college coaching carousel has been revolving since before the end of the regular season and it still keeps revolving with the latest being the resignation or retirement of former Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Larry Coker at UTSA. The rumor or scuttlebutt today on that job centered on former Iowa State head coach Paul Rhodes as a leading candidate.

Now the NFL carousel begins turning and it has been going 45 rpm following the final regular season games on Sunday. Oklahoma State has a number of coaches on staff with NFL experience including Tim Duffie, Kasey Dunn, Dan Hammerschmidt, analyst Darrell Wyatt, and two assistant coaches that came from NFL posts in their last stop before arriving at Oklahoma State in offensive line coach Greg Adkins and running backs coach Marcus Arroyo. 

Cowboys head coach Mike Gundy has been on record as saying he really likes this coaching staff. He likes this staff as a recruiting staff, so does he anticipate any changes? He sure didn't sound like he was looking to make changes and it sounded like he was hoping his staff would feel the same way.

"I think we're in good shape, but you never know," Gundy said. "It is too hard to tell because there is so much movement in our profession and people change their mind. I think we are in good shape. If something were to happen then we have to move forward to get quality people in here and keep them happy and try to keep stability in our coaching staff."

I've said all along that because of their recent time in the NFL that Adkins and Arroyo would be the most likely targets for NFL positions and that it would be very hard to keep Darrell Wyatt around as an analyst.

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