Gundy Doesn't Like Big 12 Scheduling Mandate

Mike Gundy doesn't agree with the recent mandate that all Big 12 schools begin scheduling at least one Power 5 conference opponent as part of their nonconference schedule each season.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy gave a number of opinions In conversations this week  on Triple Play Sports Radio and beat writers covering Oklahoma State football this week. One was back to a frequent topic for the head coach and the media, scheduling.

Gundy said that after a few months to digest it he still doesn't agree with the Big 12 mandate that all league schools schedule a Power 5 conference opponent in their nonconference schedules each year.

"I think that’s a big mistake, but that’s just my opinion. I believe that," Gundy said. "There are schools that are scheduled for four or five years out, and don’t have (Power 5 nonconference opponents), and other schools do."

Baylor is one that does have Duke coming up soon, but its schedule remains very light over the next five years. Oklahoma State will play a bowl team in Pittsburgh out of the ACC next season at home and then the Cowboys will go to Pittsburgh in 2017.

In 2018 there is no Power 5 opponent but most administrators and observers will recognize Boise State as a suitable replacement. In 2019, the Cowboy travel to Pac-12 member Oregon State for an orange-black showdown and then Oregon State comes to Stillwater in 2020. OSU travels to the blue turf of Boise State in 2021.

"I'm always concerned with playing games early in the season where you take energy and hits on your players. . . . If we had beat OU and Baylor (this season), we would have been in the playoff. Period," Gundy stated. "Doesn't make any difference who we play in (nonconference games)."

I understand that if not every school in the league is doing it then it is not fair. I also understand that the Big 12 schedule is demanding enough with nine conference games. But I also understand that in the absence of a conference championship game that the College Football Playoff committee is virtually demanding it and even then it might not be enough to buoy the Big 12 in their eyes. 

You have to face it. The rules are being made by those that get to choose the Final Four.

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