Cowboys Postseason Analysis: Wide Receivers

Oklahoma State will have plenty of weapons are wide receiver with James Washington, Marcell Ateman, Jalen McCleskey, Austin Hays, Jhajuan Seales and others returning.

In the 2015 season there is no doubt on the offensive side of the football it was the passing game that pushed the ball down the field more than the running attack.

By the numbers, with 6,240 yards of total offense and 4,591 yards of that through the air that comes out to 74 percent of the offense was passing. Quarterbacks Mason Rudolph, who had 3,770 passing yards, seemed comfortable throwing to a myriad of receivers, and that is what Oklahoma State has.

The strength of the Oklahoma State receivers is in numbers and only one huge contributor is departing as senior inside receiver David Glidden finished his season with 57 receptions (led the team) for 866 yards. Brandon Sheperd, who was best in the final games of the 2014 season, is also a senior and he had 23 receptions for 323 yards.

Now here is what the rest of the receiver lineup did in 2015, starting with James Washington, who blossomed as many of us thought he would from a talented freshman to a reliable and big-play veteran as a sophomore.

James Washington, 53 receptions for 1,087 yards (led the team), 20.5 yards per catch (led the team), 10 touchdowns (lead the team)

Marcell Ateman, 45 receptions for 764 yards, 17.0 yards per catch, 5 touchdowns

Jalen McCleskey, 29 receptions for 253 yards, 8.7 yards per catch, 3 touchdowns

Austin Hays, 22 receptions for 200 yards, 9.1 yards per catch, 1 touchdown

Jhajuan Seales, 18 receptions for 321 yards, 17.8 yards per catch, 2 touchdowns

Chris Lacy, 8 receptions for 120 yards, 15.0 yards per catch, 2 touchdowns

Totals: 175 receptions for 2,745 yards, 15.7 yards per catch, 23 touchdowns

Now start thinking about big and athletic Keenen Brown being back to play at 6-3, 220 pounds. There are multiple weapons at the position.

While Washington figures to be the "go to" guy and perhaps, the "freak" that can dominate, I would introduce Seales if he can keep himself out of the coach's doghouse and will focus and put all of his energy in football. He has the tools to be good enough to make a living playing at the NFL level. Ateman has the height and the ability to give opposing corners all kinds of problems with a post-up approach to catching passes. I also believe that Lacy could be very special.  

No complaints about the receivers but plenty of incentive for them as a group, and for some of them as individuals, to take what they did in 2015 and bust out and do even more. Rudolph will promise his arm will not tire throwing to open receivers that will do special things with the football after they catch it.

The motto here is, "when it is good just make it better."

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