What Happens On An OSU Recruiting Weekend?

Oklahoma State is hosting a myriad of recruits this weekend. But what actually happens on a recruiting weekend?

We do this every year around this time when Oklahoma State brings in its largest group of visitors for an official visit weekend. The interesting aspect of this visit weekend, besides the 13 prospects that are verbally committed and the other visitors, is that there some preferred walk-on visitors also taking part. NCAA rules have severely limited how many visitors that you can bring in and under what purpose. Many schools used to bring in prospects for paid official visits that the school hoped to encourage to walk-on (preferred walk-ons).

That avenue has been curtailed but this weekend Zach and Cade Smith, a pair of linebackers and twins brothers, have made the weekend, paying their expenses so as to jell with their new teammates and get the experience of the visit in preparing them for attending OSU and playing for the Cowboys. 

So what goes on during a visit weekend and why is it so influential in leading prospects to attend a certain school?

Oklahoma State, located in the college town of Stillwater, is a unique setting and one that Cowboys coaches and staff, as well as administrators, have always felt that if a prospect will visit in person then they have a great chance of falling in love with Oklahoma State. Head coach Mike Gundy has always felt it was important for the parents to be on the official visit weekend as the visit will sell them on the experience available for their son. 

Here is a loose itinerary of an official visit to Oklahoma State:

Prospects arrive and check-in at the hotel (while The Atherton Hotel in the Student Union is under construction the program has been using the Cimarron Best Western Hotel and Suites for the accomadations.). 

The prospects and parents have dinner with coaches and staff and families at the Training Table.

Prospects spend the evening with their player hosts while families (parents) spend time with the coaches and staff.

Breakfast at the Training Table

Tours of Stillwater and the Oklahoma State campus and Student Union by bus with situations where they get out and walk some.

Academic presentation with Marilyn Middlebrook and her staff

Other presentations

Lunch usually on the Club Level of Boone Pickens Stadium

Meetings with Rob Glass on strength and conditioning, Charles Hewitt on nutrition, Kevin Blaske on sports medicine, and Matt "Chief" Davis on locker room and equipment.

Facility Tour and Living Areas

Free Time

Dinner at the Training Table with coaches and families

Dessert and time with coaches and families at Mike Gundy's home


Meetings with position coaches, recruiting coaches, and with head coach Mike Gundy


There are all kinds of presentations and interactive activities that go into it as well. These are little nuances that schools, like Oklahoma State, like to keep close to the vest as some may be unique and may be the certain twist that helps make up the mind of a highly desired prospect. Most of the itineraries are similar with the differences being those nuances, personalities, and hospitality. Believe one thing, the food is outstanding.

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