GoPokes TV: Dillon Stoner Is Confident

Dillon Stoner, the all-around athlete who did a little bit of everything in helping Jenks with its fourth consecutive state championship, is looking forward to making an impact at Oklahoma State.

Dillon Stoner was honored as the Oklahoma Player of the Year by the Tulsa World and as the Defensive Player of the Year by The Oklahoman for his all-around contributions as a wide receiver on offense, as a drive-stopping defender on defense and a game-changing performer on special teams.

His high school head coach, Allen Trimble, compared him to former Jenks standout Rocky Calmus as far as his overall impact to the Trojans and another state championship earned.

Stoner and his class have known nothing but state championships. This season, Stoner had 720 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns, while also returning kicks, punting, holding for field goals and extra points, and literally shutting down one side of the field from his corner position on defense.

He seems to be okay if Oklahoma State choses to redshirt him as a freshman but he would like to play. "Absolutely, I would like to come in and make an impact early and that would be my goal," Stoner quickly answered. "Like you said, redshirting wouldn't be bad at all either."

One aspect of the weekend was certain, Stoner made the right choice in school as he was enthusiastic about the visit and every part of it. 

"It was a lot of fun and you know if there was anything I could change about it, I wouldn't," Stoner said. "I wouldn't change anything at all. Stillwater feels like home and I love the coaches and the players and the guys that are coming in with me. It's the best fit. It already kind of feel like Jenks, like we're a family. Austin Hays was my host and I kind of hung out with everyone and I got to meet a lot of people."

Stoner is listed by Scout and Go Pokes as 6-1, 185 pounds, but he is bigger than that. He is 6-1 for sure but he looked closer to 195 to 200 pounds. Stoner, a three-year starter and a four-year state champion, made it clear that he is not lounging around the rest of his senior year.

"Yes sir, right after the championship I had a week off and then it was right back to track," Stoner said. "No rest for the wicked. I love it."

It looks like he gets by the Jenks weight room some as well.

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