Why Doesn't Oklahoma State Have Any Four Stars? Part 3

Dillon Stoner may not be a four-star in the eyes of some, but Robert Allen believes the standout from Jenks will have an immediate impact for the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Maybe I should have canned this series before it started this past weekend. You know, leave well enough alone. Hey, so what. Oklahoma State doesn't have any commitments that any of the major recruiting websites rate in the four-star category. Does it really matter? And if I think they do have some commitments that should have a star added and be bumped up, who cares?

I did and I thought you would be interested whether you agreed with me or not. Apparently, Arkansas agreed with me and they brought in one of my four-star defenders for an official visit and really put on a show. It worked and now Jonathan Marshall is a very soft commitment to the Cowboys and after leaving his visit in Fayetteville may be closer to signing a letter of intent with Arkansas than the one in Stillwater. Phone calls from defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements and head coach Mike Gundy are all the Cowboys can come back with now. Either the Pokes or now the Porkers will end up with a three-star defensive end that both likely would agree with me is much better than that. 

Today is my day in this series to celebrate a player that I think is best in class. Again, in my opinion, this player is worthy of a fourth star. 

The star system is okay. It is something for fans to follow and a lot of those highly regarded prospects end up being well decorated players. Of course, a lot of less than shiny prospects also end up becoming playmakers and program changers too. 

This series is not to bash the star givers or gazers but is instead to allow me to give my opinion just before signing day. Oklahoma State has 19 commitments as of the weekend before National Signing Day and none of those are rated as high as four stars by any recruiting service. However, in my very biased system of watching tape, judging athletic ability based on performance and competition, and throwing the potential around in my likely football shaped brain I come up with my own star ratings and I have several future Cowboys (and now one possible future Cowboy in Marshall) that I rank as four stars.

Saturday we focused on two offensive players (Justice Hill and Tyler Brown), and Sunday we had two defensive players (Jonathan Marshall and Amen Ogbongbemiga). Today we'll come out with our single most player, in our opinion, deserving of four stars commitment on the Cowboys list. So what on Tuesday? Ahhhh, the additions because there could be some. Those would be bonafide, real, authentic four stars, according to the recruiting websites. 

How many stars does a player deserve that has legitimately impacted four straight state championships at the highest level of play in Oklahoma? And he's done it on both sides of the football and on special teams. I would guess four or five easy. Now, you can't get past the part about race. Is there reverse discrimination in recruiting and recruiting rankings? I'd like to not think so but I could swear it. Some people truly believe a white skill kid can't be as fast as an African-American at the same spot. That is the same stigma that an African-American quarterback might get about whether he can be as good a passer or as good a game manager.

Those premises are equally as silly. Back to the first, and Jenks' Dillon Stoner has been the guy who has impacted the last four Trojans runs at the state championship. He is also a standout on the track team and the state 400-meter champion. He is fast and he has proven on the football field he can endure. He also is a somewhat rare Jenks player heading to Oklahoma State.
"I wouldn't change anything, anything about my recruiting," Stoner told us. "Stillwater felt like home with the coaches, the players, the players that are coming in with me. I can't wait to be here."

The Cowboys can't wait to have him and his championship pedigree. This season he was called, "Mr. Everything" by Jenks head coach Allen Trimble. Stoner, who likely will play receiver, although I contend there could be a heck of a fight in the staff room over which side of the ball he plays. As a pass catcher he had 720 yards and 10 touchdowns. He also returned kickoffs, punted, and held for extra points and field goals. On defense his numbers were somewhat modest as he was a shut down corner that was tried or targeted very few times. 

Trimble compares him to a player Oklahoma State fans hated to see in crimson down in Norman, but would love to have a similar player to him in orange in Stillwater. I'm not sure how many stars Rocky Calmus got coming out of Jenks, but I'm going to guess it was not enough.

"Rocky just loved to play," Trimble said to The Oklahoman. "He played tailback, he played fullback, he played linebacker. He'd run back kicks. He didn't care, he just loved to play. And that's Dillon. You just tell him what to do and he'll go do it. He's a total team guy – whatever helps the team — just like Rocky."

Stoner is not one to rest on his laurels as he told us a week after the football state championship that he was back at it. "Right when I had a week off then it was right back to track, so no rest for the weary," Stoner added.

He will keep working and at 6-1 and now closer to 190 pounds, he will have the frame and ability to play quickly. He is shooting for that, but okay if he has to wait to make his impact felt. "Absolutely, I would love to come in and make an impact early, that would be my goal," Stoner said enthusiastically. "But if I have to red-shirt that would not be bad at all."

I think the red-shirt is not very likely. Stoner should be lit up in orange all season whether he is on offense, defense or special teams – or all of them.

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