Top 15 Of The Spring: No. 1 Mason Rudolph

Robert Allen and Anna-Marie Ahrberg share their thoughts on the top 15 interesting players as Oklahoma State prepares for spring football, beginning with No. 1 – quarterback Mason Rudolph.

We are selecting the "Top 15 Most Interesting Players for Spring Football." Now your first question should be what constitutes "interesting" for the players going into the spring? Understandable and it is different definitions.

Mason Rudolph is a most interesting player, as a starting quarterback almost always is but this spring Rudolph takes on an increased role on the field and in the leadership department with the departure of senior J.W. Walsh, who now starts his coaching career as a graduate assistant at TCU. Rudolph now gets the job of finishing and continuing drives – short yardage and score zone situations – and his leadership will be the dominant player voice on offense.

There are young emerging players, older players getting their first chance to start, players coming back from injuries, and players that are changing roles or that will be more challenged for one reason or another.

How did we come up with our 15 players? You know there are a lot more than 15 interesting players for this spring with Oklahoma State football as I could name about half the squad. Anna-Marie Ahrberg and I each made out a list of 15 players, actually mine was 16 because I couldn't cut it down. We then compared our lists and all players (eight) that were on both our lists were put into the 15. Then we sat at the Old School Bagel Shop and hashed through the other names until we agreed on 15.

We will not spoil this for you, so we will add the names to the list below as they are played in or video series. The list is in order that the videos come up.

15 Most Interesting Cowboy Players for Spring Football 2016

1, Mason Rudolph, QB, Jr.

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