NFL Alums Help Debut Cowboys New Uniforms

Current NFL players Dan Bailey, Dez Bryant and Brandon Weeden were back in Stillwater on Wednesday and surprised the current Oklahoma State team by modeling the team's new uniforms for the 2016 season.

It seemed like old times around the Oklahoma State football offices today. Head coach Mike Gundy was on the phone with wide receiver Dez Bryant making sure that the "freak" of all Oklahoma State receivers was on board with the plan and ready to be on time. During his Oklahoma State Cowboy days Bryant always could use some help with time. Quarterback Brandon Weeden was spotted in Stillwater eating at one of his favorite places, Thai Café. Then in the back room of the Cowboys locker room, kicker Dan Bailey was there along with Bryant and Weeden again wearing orange, black and white.

Down at the other end of the field level floor of the West End Zone were the current Oklahoma State players in a team meeting hearing from Gundy. That was until a DJ was called in to kick up the noise and the doors to the team room were slammed open and here came the three former Cowboys, now NFL veterans and even All-Pros, wearing the new uniforms the Cowboys will wear starting this season.

The team went nuts and players pulled out their phones and immediately started snapping off pictures bound for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The combination of the uniforms and then the helmets being taken off and the reveal of the faces of some of the greatest recent stars on the Cowboys wall of accomplishments down the hall had the players in a semi controlled uproar.

"This worked out really well," Gundy said as he had slipped to the back of the room to watch all the activity. "We got Dez here and everything."

On the surface and from a distance, the new uniforms look similar. The colors include orange, black, and white jerseys and then orange, black, white, and gray pants. The helmets used for the debut included models seen before in the black helmet with the smaller "Pete" head and chrome accents. The Cowboys will still wear the white helmet with the oversized "Pete" head that was dubbed the "Arctic Pete" look and the orange chrome helmet with the oversized "Pete" head that has become so popular. Now there are some surprises and new looks reportedly coming in the helmets but not displayed just yet.

Back to the uniforms. They feature some differences in trim, kind of western bandana theme with some of the great numbers (55, 21, 34, 99) included in the design. There is a special insignia on the base of the V-neck of the jerseys.

"The uniqueness of Frank Eaton (Pistol Pete) as a mascot in college football is special because he was a real person," said football equipment coordinator Matt "Chief" Davis. "From the neckline trim to the Marshal's badge (that special insignia) and the chrome on the waist and the pants it all ties together, and that was very special to us."

"Chief" and Justin did a terrific job and put a lot of work into this and I had a little bit of a say," Gundy added. "They look good and they have a lot of meaning including saying that are tucked inside the jersey on the neckline."

Those sayings were taken to have direct ties to the players and the program. On the front of the jersey and inside the neck where only the players can see it is the saying "These boys ain't ready" and that comes from a chant the team does in the tunnel before going out on the field, a chant were they declare those boys (the other team) ain't ready for what Oklahoma State is going to bring.

The other saying is more universally known and popular as on the back of the inside of the neck trim is the saying, "Pistols Firing." That will make Dave Hunziker happy.

"This process started a year ago and there have been 35 years of investment as Justin and I both graduated from here and have been involved in OSU football, so to make these uniforms special to us and Nike saying you have a blank canvas and we appreciate what you do," added Davis. "They didn't make these cookie cutter uniforms but let us design something special, really meant something to us."

"These uniforms are extremely amazing and I'm jealous because we didn't have these when I was here," said now Dallas Cowboys star wide receiver Dez Bryant. "They are amazing and Coach Gundy did a great job."

Beside modeling the uniforms all three former players spoke to the team. From Weeden to Bailey to Bryant, they all encouraged the players to take full advantage of their time here. Weeden said it was the best time of his life. Bailey encouraged them to set the bar high and not cheat themselves of what they can accomplish. Bryant said take advantage of coach Rob Glass of all the things they have to help make themselves successful and to be loyal and have the backs of their teammates.

It was a heckuva pep rally to get ready for spring football and some nice duds to look forward to wearing next season. Gundy even mentioned that there will be some additions to these uniforms in the 2017 season that have already been planned.

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