OSU Pro Day: Ogbah Feels Good

Emmanuel Ogbah and Kevin Peterson are both pleased with what they showed NFL scouts and coaches at OSU's Pro Day, while Jimmy Bean must wait to see what happens in late April.

It is really hard to improve on running a 4.63 forty when you measure up at 6-4 1/4 and 273 pounds. It's hard to improve on a vertical of 35.5 inches or a broad jump of 121 inches with both and the forty time all being in the top three of all the NFL Combine participants at your position. That is your status right now with the teams in the NFL and the upcoming NFL Draft on April 28-30.

Why would you want to do anything else in front of the scouts and team staffers? If you're former Oklahoma State All-America defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah you want to better yourself, so at Tuesday's Oklahoma State Pro Day, Ogbah ran the 20-yard shuttle (5-10-5) again with the hopes of bettering his time of 4.5 in Indianapolis. By the way a 4.5 in the 20-yard shuttle is fine.

Ogbah was joined by nine other former Oklahoma State players hoping to impress 30 out of 32 NFL teams that were represented on the rainy Tuesday morning. With just 10 athletes and most of those athletes not doing all the testing the Pro Day went rapidly.

The Cowboys other NFL Combine invitees and participants, cornerback Kevin Peterson and defensive end Jimmy Bean, were also there with Peterson having the most to gain.

As for Ogbah, he ran the drill and the times for his 20-yard shuttle reportedly ranged from 4.58 to 4.63 seconds, so he did not improve on his time from Indianapolis. But most of the 30 teams (Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens were not in attendance) there had their eye on Ogbah. He is big, strong, athletic, and he has a pristine background. No dings on his character report and that is a huge plus.

"A lot of teams want me as an outside linebacker and a lot of teams want me to rush the passer, and whatever they want me to do then I will do it," Ogbah said. "A lot of guys have off the field issues and they don't have to worry about that with me and that has helped a lot."

Ogbah admitted that the next six weeks will be a long, drawn out wait, maybe the longest six weeks of his life, but he has some dates to keep him busy.

"I have a couple of workouts with a couple of teams and I will have to work out to stay in shape for those," Ogbah said of his schedule. "Now with the Combine and Pro Day over and the waiting process is there to find out where you go."

He has no favorites. I'd like to see him in Arizona, where there's great weather, natural turf inside a dome, good secondary behind him and the Cardinals need a pass rusher.

"I will take whatever team that drafts me and that will be my favorite team," Ogbah finished.

Peterson ran a 4.66 at the NFL Combine but all of his other tests were solid. In fact, he had the same vertical and broad jump results as Ogbah with a 35.5 vertical and a 121-inch broad jump. He had a sizzling 4.3 on the 20-yard shuttle. Inside the Sherman Smith Center, Peterson gained a bunch on his 40-time with a reported 4.5. NFL.com reported it a little higher at 4.56 and 4.57. Remember there were 30 watches timing him.

The All-Big 12 cornerback and nemesis of spread offenses and top receivers in the conference over the past three seasons said that new 40-time and his interviews with teams at the Combine have him feeling pretty good about his chances.

"I felt great," Peterson said. "I wanted to show that I'm one of the best athletes out here and I showed that today. I had a great time with the interviews at the Combine. They asked, 'how's mom?' 'how's dad?' and if I had any problems off the field or anything like that. But then we got to the football questions they go to know what you knew and being a film junkie myself, I know all the ins and outs. When we started talking about that it was more like it was talking person to person and not even like coach to player. I think they like me."

Gundy told the media earlier in the week that he thought Jimmy Bean had a good chance of being drafted. Gundy figured despite the ACL surgery following his injury in the early November win at Texas Tech that Bean's production and his record as good individual and character guy – just like his book end teammate Ogbah – would be good enough to encourage an NFL team to draft him in the latter rounds.

Bean, who pushed up 20 reps on the 225-pound bench press at the NFL Combine, did not lift again. He couldn't do any other drills. He is going back to the doctor to review his status and see when he can fully run and work out again, but he said he is not likely going to schedule a late workout or try to show up at another school's pro day late in the process. Bean is resting his case with the NFL and feels good about it.

"Yes, I'm comfortable with what is going on," Bean said after the Pro Day ended. "There are somethings I can't control and with this I have to sit back and see what happens. The biggest thing with these scouts and coaches is they want to get to know me and if they can't see me perform in front of them then they are going to go to the coaches, so I would hope coach (Glenn) Spencer, coach (Joe Bob) Clements and coach Gundy would say the right things."

Maybe Gundy will be right. You know he fields a lot of calls and talks to NFL coaches and personnel directors, so a good word from the head coach, along with 20 reps on the bench press might be enough to get his name called. Ogbah and Peterson seem certain to hear theirs.

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