GoPokes TV: What Must The Next Coach Have?

Mike Holder talks about what he'll be looking for in the next head coach of the Oklahoma State basketball team.

Mike Holder knows exactly what he’s looking for in a new basketball coach for the Cowboys, and shared his thoughts Saturday morning with Robert Allen and a few reporters who regularly cover the Oklahoma State basketball program.

When asked what kind of candidate he’s seeking to take over the program, Holder answered, “(We want) someone who’s done it at a high level, and is a proven winner, and has ideally been a head coach at some point and time. I’ve thought about this a lot, even though I didn’t know for sure what I was going to do. It’s really been in the back of my mind for a year.”

Holder says he will be looking for three specific things in the new coach: 1, character; 2, coaching and coaching style; 3, fitting in at Oklahoma State.

“The last thing is fit. I think that’s huge for us,’” he said. “I think that’s one reason we’ve had so much great success here with our alumni, former players (who are now head coaches). (OSU) is a unique place, and we’re not for everyone.”

Holder also said the new coach must know the state of Texas. “You need to be able to recruit the state of Texas. Absolutely. I don’t care what sport you’re in right now, if you’re located in Oklahoma … the first place to look is at the state of Texas. We need someone that can recruit this area and has ideally connections or has had experience of recruiting in the state of Texas. Fit is a huge piece of the puzzle.”

As far as who the Cowboys next head coach will be, Holder wouldn’t offer any hints … but sources say that all signs are pointing to Brad Underwood, who led 14th-seeded Stephen F. Austin to a 70-56 first-round upset for third-seeded West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament on Friday night. The Lumberjacks (28-5) ran the nation’s longest winning streak to 21 games with the win.

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