Spring Game Matchup: Sterns vs. Rudolph

Safety Jordan Sterns and quarterback Mason Rudolph talk about going against each other throughout the spring.

One of the best matchups to watch throughout the spring and will be during the spring game on Saturday will be the battle of football wits between quarterback Mason Rudolph and veteran free safety Jordan Sterns.

These two worked throughout the spring on trying to get into each other’s head. As a result, it will improve both players this fall when they match wits with opposing players on the other side of the ball. It is an age old matchup, quarterbacks versus safeties, that has been intensified and brought up to a greater tempo thanks to the new spread offenses, the run-pass options built into these offenses, and the extended multiple coverages and blitz options that defenses employ. Who is coming and where are they coming from is often the secret to success.

“I try to get into his head and make him think I am going the opposite direction or where I am actually going,” Sterns said. “Our offense is good and, believe me, we get challenged going against those guys.”

“He’s a really good player," Rudolph said of Sterns. “He’s got a great football IQ, and like you said, we battle back and forth, but I usually win. I’ll tell you that much.”

That may be true, but Rudolph will be the first to tell you that when Sterns and the defense win in the form of a red zone stop or an interception that it is pretty painful.

Fans can enjoy this battle of football wits for likely 40 to 50 plays Saturday when the first team offense goes against the first team defense. You must remember that the defense is at a disadvantage as they have some key injuries and no subs for different personnel and blitz packages. In a plain vanilla war, the offense has the advantage.

The spring game begins at 1 p.m. Saturday. Oklahoma State fans should be aware as there could be as many as 100 recruiting prospects in the stadium checking out Oklahoma State and Boone Pickens atmosphere. While you’re watching your favorite team and matchups like Mason Rudolph and Jordan Sterns or James Washington being covered by Ramon Richards, those recruits will be watching you.

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