OSU Football: Bowling, Recruiting & Training

What happens after spring football? The Oklahoma State coaching staff is preparing to go on the road for the May recruiting evaluation period, while the players are getting ready for finals – and enjoying some time with their teammates bowling.

So you're wondering what goes on around the Oklahoma State football program in the week following the conclusion of spring football. There is recruiting. Next week the majority of the coaching staff will be on the road for the May evaluation period in the recruiting calendar.

Some coaches have hit the road this week. Defensive line coach Joe Bob Clements started on Monday at NEO A&M Junior College and he has continued hitting the junior college campuses as he was in Texas on Wednesday. Junior colleges are going through their spring football right now, so you can get to practices over the next week or two.

Many of the other Cowboy position coaches and coordinators have been holding exit meetings with their players coming out of spring football. These meetings let players know where they stand on the depth chart and what they might need to do to improve their position. Coaches will let players know what they need to focus on over the summer to improve their standing. 

It is also a time to relieve some stress. This football team, as much as any that I have covered at Oklahoma State, enjoys being together on and off the field. The coaches that are around, including head coach Mike Gundy and others, joined the players for a little bowling at Frontier Lanes. An excellent stress reliever on the edge of heading into dead week and finals week on the academic calendar. There is no doubt that some of the players have very good form for bowling, while others leave a little to be desired in the style category. Sometimes brute strength will help with the results. 

Those coaches on the road like Clements will come back in next week and hold player exit meetings and, as mentioned, much of the rest of the staff will hit the road. One other area for the football staff this week has been Title IX training. It is something that the entire athletic department has been going through in phases. 

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